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I am fairly new to the sport and have always wondered what it was like to throw before the 13 speed drivers and new technology. I am interested in hearing from players who threw in the 90's or even earlier.

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When I played back in the 80's we had a disc called the Super Pup. It was a driver. sort of. Liking today much better.

Mid sixties we threw our frisbee throughout town,road games were abundant by substituting our frisbees.Parks were turned into early object/target golf.Started throwing my first "official" disc golf game {'76"}at Bayville Park in Va.Bch,Va.One of the early dg parks set by "Steady Ed".Baskets were the new invention,still throwing our Master class Frisbees at this time,'76-79.

Moved to Florida in 1980,still throwing my old,worn master Class frisbees.Weight was probably 180 or higher.Raised our family and reintroduced myself to todays disc golf in the 90's.First discs i pruchased were DX,Innova Valks,Climo's various discs,weights were 168-174.Plan on throwing till i die,love the game,bend some air,fly high,hit chains.

When i started playing, my bag consisted of Aviars for putting, A couple of Rocs and a Panther for mids, and my drivers were a Gazelle, Whippet, Cheetah, and Stingray. The Aviars, Rocs, and Gazelle are always still in my bag now. I throw the faster drivers and love them, but I think the best difference from then and now is the plastic! Replacing DX plastic every few weeks was no good...

interesting to hear that the plastic is the biggest change that you've noticed and enjoyed

To me, nothing was more frustrating than tacoing a brand new disc or shattering one in the cold. I now have discs in my bag that Ive had for 4 or 5 years. In the late 90s the only discs that had any staying power were my putters.

This is Before your Time and when I First Started Playing Disc Golf !!!!


I've played since the mid-90s, don't have a big arm, and the newer models and high-speed drivers have had less effect than you'd think.  Go out and play with 9-speeds and below; you won't get quite the distance on bomber holes, but your score may only drop a few strokes.


The much bigger difference was the appearance of premium plastics.  In the DX-only days, you'd have to constantly adjust to the changing characteristics of a disc, and keep adding fresh ones to the bag.  Winning plastic in Am divisions was important!  Nowadays, get your favorites in premium plastic and don't throw them in a lake, and you can go a long time with the same lineup.

Yes, the upgrade in plastic has been the most notable change imo. It's nice to not have to worry about knocking a chunk out of your disc or having it crack in the cold because you hit something.
OH how i mis my X-Clone!!!
One thing I have noticed, as the disc get faster and faster. The holes get longer and longer. The good thing about disc golf is you can have the biggest arm in the world, but with so many woods courses you can still be the worst player. I like being able to play the long game one weekend then the tight wooded stuff the next. Plus speed 13 driver don't do ya much good on 40 foot wide fairways lol.

Whyyyy...back in da day....we threw pie tins at garbage cans........AND WE LIKED IT LIKE THAT!


OK joking aside, I now have a real chance of making birdie on holes I would have to make a nice 40+ jump putt in order to make it. Now it can be a simple pick up and smack the chains, but it has to be the right disc. For my noodle arm it's the Vulcan or Katana and poss. the King (have but not thrown yet). Heck, and I'm talking just 5yrs ago till now.

Pick up a beat DX Classic Roc or Shark. Throw it as far as you can. Repeat. Putt. Nuff said.

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