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Here is mine... THIS IS 100% TRUE!!!! Can you beat this story???

When: 1979
Where: Niagara Falls, Canada
Disc: Wammo 180 G "Master" Ultimate disc
Arm: Bruce Vail

Back in the late 70s the MSU Ultimate Frisbee team made a road trip to play at S.U.N.Y. Rochester. We stopped at Niagara Falls, and decided to sacrifice one white Wammo 180 g "Master" Frisbee disc (the standard for Ultimate before the Ultra-Star was invented by Discraft) to the mighty Horseshoe Falls from the Canadian side.

We elected our biggest arm to do so, Bruce Vail. This was the single greatest disc throw I have ever seen, and TRUST ME, I have seen a lot, after playing 25 + years of Ultimate and 7 years of full time Disc Golf.

His throw went out directly over the rim on a 30-degree hyser, shinning like a beacon against the vast darkness (the falls is brightly lit at night with floodlights), following the exact contour of the horseshoe. It looked like he made it at least 1/3 of the way to the center of the horseshoe and dipped out over the rim, and eventually out of sight. We were astonished.

But then, as if by a miracle, he had put so much spin on this toss, it flattened out about 100 feet down, and that's when the spray from the mighty falls started lifting it back up, up, up, ... it became visible to us again, up, up, up, rising toward the heavens… up, up, up, dangling now 100 feet ABOVE the very center of the horseshoe... it just kept going, and going, and then it started drifting BACK over the water, back towards us again!!!

It then started its decent and finally hit the water a good 600 feet to our right, and we all watched, for at least another 30 seconds for the floating disc to rush by right in front of us, accelerating faster and faster, and finally tumble over the edge and down into the void.

We all just stood there in awe. No BS, the flight lasted a good 2 minutes. None of us will ever forget it.

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wow that's cool. I was gonna tell about clearing a pond at riverbend park in Colorado, but nevermind.
I havent heard from Bruce in 20 years... I think I'll try to track him down, just to honor him. He as a GREAT ultimate player and a great guy.


This is my current wallpaper on my puter!
Well, first of all, I thought I had the only cats that anyone let roam on DG courses, I guess Flick, Flash, and Nails have some competion now.

But the Epic is a truely marvelous disc, and I have sold at least 1000 of them over the past 6 years. Here is a note I sent to Alan Adler, the inventor of the Aerobie ring (which holds the world record flight of any object) and the Epic:

Alan, I am honored to hear from you. I have always respected you and your genius work. I played with the rings when they came but, and I still love them. You are one of my heroes!

I think I have sold more Epics and Aerobie rings to disc golfers than anyone else in Michigan! I really push them. You can write this on your web site...

I sell discs of my RV as I travel to various disc golf courses around the USA. I let people try discs out BEFORE they buy them. I often tell the customer "this will be the farthest throw of your life" when I hand them a disc I think is perfect for their ability. Often times, it really is their farthest throw, and they turn and smile at me and buy the disc.

(see http://home.flash.net/~mwollner/photos/2006/r06004/MAVICA.HTM the paragraphs for MVC-0015X and 16X)

When the disc is the Aerobie Epic, this happens about 20% if the time, much more than any other disc I have ever sold, including the new easy-to-throw Ultra-Lights!


Did you know that Geoff Bennett #24962 of Canton, MI, USA (World rank #22 as of Nov., 2008) WON the Michigan State Championships 4 years ago, before he became at Pro for Discraft, using a set of Epics (I sold them to him) for many of his huge drives.


GREAT disc... maybe I should try one out at Niagara falls...
well not in person..but the Swiss Alps Drive is pretty damn cool....search youtube for Longest Disc Golf Drive.
I SAW THAT!!! That would be my second choice, and I was thinking about it as I was writing this discussion. That last throw must have gone a good mile or 2!
I guess it depends on what you consider great. Sooo here goes. I was playing in a tournament and the wind was of the hook! We had gusts up to 50mph. So I throw my disc from the teepad. About 100ft out it turns over waaay bad. Hits the ground like a roller, makes a U-turn towards we and begins to wobble. At this point it was like watching a slow motion replay on ESPN lol!! As it slows I think,cool, it's going to flatten out and come to a rest. WRONG! It continues to wobble like a bad wheel on a shopping cart towards me. But then it hits a slight slope and picks up speed and rolls onto the road (OB)AARRGH! It then continues PAST me about 20ft, still with that disgusting wobble. It then rolls into a drainage ditch and FINALLY comes to a stop about 20 to 25ft past me and the teepad. All I could do at that point, once I picked my jaw off the ground. Is laugh my a$$ off.
So that was the greatest throw I've seen in my brief, but fun disc golf life:o\
Maybe we should start a new discussion... "What was the furthest (negative) distance your disc landed behind you?"

Actually, if you play this game a lot, you will see a lot of that, especially when the disc is thrown high into the wind.
Not all Epics float. My buddy lost one the other day in a pond. It slipped out of his hand and jack-knifed in never to be seen again.
Big D in the Desert !
Can't beat Niagra Falls, but here goes...Back in the late 70's, 79 maybe.YES was doing a series of shows where the stage was round and it rotated.At Mackie Arena in West Lafayette,during the intermission, there were a couple of frisbees being tossed around the arena. From somewhere up high in the nosebleed section this disc comes sailing out towards the stage and CRASH !! bounces off of the highhat cymbal.The crowd went nuts....
Two memorable throws during the Final 9 at Cabin Creek during the 1998 Cincy Worlds. On the 8th hole (17), Scott Stokely was in second behind Kenny by 3 or 4 shots and ahead of third by 3 or 4 shots. The shot went over a small pond about 200 feet across with the pin on the other bank maybe 25 feet from the water. Stokely called an upside down skip shot off the water. He proceeded to throw it perfectly with one skip then it slid up the bank within 10 feet of the pin to wild applause.

The other shot turned into a comedy routine. In the Masters division the 7th hole (16) was off a cliff down to a pin framed between several large mature trees just across a bend in the creek maybe 280 or so. The first player teed off with a high lefty hyzer to come in the back left side of the pin. The next player threw a high hyzer stall shot to come in the back side of the pin. The third player throws a thumber skying up over the top of the big trees. The fourth player, Stan McDaniel, steps up and loudly points out to the other players in the group. "It's right there, straight ahead!" He proceeds to throw a laser beam right at the pin landing a few feet away.

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