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Went up the course today just to drop somebody off. I had to go to work shortly but I had a little bit of time to burn. Anyway, one of the guys who plays league and is a friend was out on the course doing a bit of trimming. Now I just wanted to see what he was up to so I went down to find him. He was on hole #8 and he was taking out a few of the smaller trees (if you could call them that) and some dead branches. He was complaining about how the course was overgrown and frankly I would have to agree with him since we never really do any scheduled pruning. Things get pruned here and there but we really need to go through and methodically do some pruning. I helped him cut down a broken and dead branch and then walked up to hole 1 and thought nothing else of it.

Now my friend had mentioned that someone was taking video of him. Well here comes that guy and he's arguing with another guy and the guy who was taking video starts saying that he will turn the other guy in to the cops so that he can get a $3000 fine. I was trying to tell him that he was wrong with his attitude. This guy isn't involved in any aspect of course maintenance and here he is saying that he is going to save the course. And in the next breath he turns around and says that he doesn't care if the course gets pulled. I hear the course is going to get pulled thing so much that I realize that is what people say when they want to scare you into listening to them. "Do as I say or the course will get pulled!". Total crap. And then the guy starts saying that he's heard things about me. Really? I have only pruned a few very small things this year. One time I pruned some trees directly in front of a tee so that you could see if people were still on the hole. I made sure that I didn't change any lines. The second time I pruned some trees for a new pin position. Once again I only pruned as much as necessary.

I have put both time and money into the course while others have done nothing. Now I don't look for praise. I'm just happy when people use the course and then say how much they like it. But this clown all of a sudden considers himself to be in charge. What a joke. I really wanted to take a swing at him but I let my better judgement win. The real problem is that unfortunately things don't get done by our local club. It is individuals that end up getting things done. But this guy is nothing but trouble. In the end he walked away. But I'm sure we'll see him again. I guarantee that he won't be playing league.

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Wait so this guy with the camera, thought that you 2 were just hacking away at the course trying to make it easier, and then threatening to get a lawsuit of some-kind? This guy must be a joke, Courses maintain and extreme amount of time devotion to keep it looking nice and clean! Im sorry to say this but that guy is a joke or probably has some drug problems, and i'm not one to start making accusations about anyone, because I don't like being judged! But If seen people and myself, we always help out around the course as much as possible! To me a Disc Golf Course is a 2nd home that you share amongst players that share the same love for the game! So if it's a second home, you wouldn't leave it trashy, would you? I wouldn't, my house is always maintained and cleaned!
He was just going off about how his friend was a judge and another friend was a detective and he would get people busted. Once again the guy hasn't contributed squat to the course. I wish that my friend wouldn't have just gone off by himself to prune but you are right. this guy is a joke.

If only we could have an organized work day and do it the right way. But last time we had a work day six people showed up.
Put up a banner saying free pizza if you help clean or something, and see if you can get a sweet deal from a pizza place!
Free beer might work better. We just used to be a lot more organized. I do remember a work day when we had maybe 15 to 20 people show up. But that was probably three or four years ago. Now you get people who just say that they don't have the time. Oh well, that's how it is but I'm used to it. I just do what I can when I can.

In fact there is an effort to put in a new course about 10 miles South of town. But the person trying to get that in isn't having any luck getting any help either. Everyone just seems to have their own agenda anymore.
I have had people say stuff like that to me... " My brother is a cop" and that kinda stuff... I say, no he is not stop lying! So you just tell that guy to stop it... and maybe he should stop saying he has friends? not sure....
people will say anything now-a-days just to get any little gain over someone, its funny when people try to belittle someone but fail miserably at it! It makes me laugh in their face
Ya free beer would even get people that dont even play the sport come out and pick up trash and stuff lol
That was way too much for me to read Jim......do you have the cliff notes version???
We get the cops called on us every single time we try to do course maintenance. There is usually only two of us out there and we have permission to be working/driving on the course, but someone always makes it there business to get the police involved and we spend 20 minutes explaining ourselves all over again.
Sorry Jamie. It was hard to condense.
Well, hopefully all of this will just fade away like a bad dream. Maybe I'll just buy the guy a T-shirt that says "Doesn't play well with others". He will surely not have any friends out there after this incident.

In fact, when he told my friend that he was going to call the cops my friend said "Go Ahead". He didn't do anything.
who is responsible according to law for maintenance of the course/vegetation?

If that is not you, you should not be pruning or trimming ANYTHING...

if you are not legally allowed to do what you were doing you risk punishment for being caught, regardless of how that comes about...maybe the guy taping you is a douchebag or whatever but you still broke the law and therefore the consequences are your responsibility and your fault, not his...

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