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Went up the course today just to drop somebody off. I had to go to work shortly but I had a little bit of time to burn. Anyway, one of the guys who plays league and is a friend was out on the course doing a bit of trimming. Now I just wanted to see what he was up to so I went down to find him. He was on hole #8 and he was taking out a few of the smaller trees (if you could call them that) and some dead branches. He was complaining about how the course was overgrown and frankly I would have to agree with him since we never really do any scheduled pruning. Things get pruned here and there but we really need to go through and methodically do some pruning. I helped him cut down a broken and dead branch and then walked up to hole 1 and thought nothing else of it.

Now my friend had mentioned that someone was taking video of him. Well here comes that guy and he's arguing with another guy and the guy who was taking video starts saying that he will turn the other guy in to the cops so that he can get a $3000 fine. I was trying to tell him that he was wrong with his attitude. This guy isn't involved in any aspect of course maintenance and here he is saying that he is going to save the course. And in the next breath he turns around and says that he doesn't care if the course gets pulled. I hear the course is going to get pulled thing so much that I realize that is what people say when they want to scare you into listening to them. "Do as I say or the course will get pulled!". Total crap. And then the guy starts saying that he's heard things about me. Really? I have only pruned a few very small things this year. One time I pruned some trees directly in front of a tee so that you could see if people were still on the hole. I made sure that I didn't change any lines. The second time I pruned some trees for a new pin position. Once again I only pruned as much as necessary.

I have put both time and money into the course while others have done nothing. Now I don't look for praise. I'm just happy when people use the course and then say how much they like it. But this clown all of a sudden considers himself to be in charge. What a joke. I really wanted to take a swing at him but I let my better judgement win. The real problem is that unfortunately things don't get done by our local club. It is individuals that end up getting things done. But this guy is nothing but trouble. In the end he walked away. But I'm sure we'll see him again. I guarantee that he won't be playing league.

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i wouldn't do anything, if that guy has nothing to do with the course in any aspect, isn't involved in your leagues or nothing. then i wouldn't worry about it. Just let him act like a jerk, and go on about your ways.
Went out and played league tonight and happened to see the guy. He was playing with another guy and we just passed and said "What's up". I didn't really care because it's a new day. Can't worry about yesterday, only today. So as I'm thinking about this I realized a few things. First off, the course is getting a bit overgrown but is it too late to have an organized day to clean things up? I wouldn't want to start a pruning project without knowing if it were the right time of year to do so. Second, I wish that my friend had not just gone off solo on a pruning project. Organize a group of four to go on a project and then "smarter pruning" would get done. Organize a work day (if that is possible and now I'm not sure if it's the right time of year to prune). Third, the guy with the camera could have found a better way to go about his complaint. I guess that I just took offense at him acting like he was in charge. I just wish that we had a better structure here in town for getting things done. And I know that maybe I should get even more involved if possible. And I know that I probably overreacted as well. So in the end, disc golf goes on.
Should have filmed yourself punching him out and keep the footage to blackmail him to staying quiet
You know what. Another friend who sells discs up at the course talked to him today and he admitted that he overreacted. I will talk to the guy now that we have both cooled down. Things just exploded fast yesterday and in the end nobody really wanted to fight. Maybe I have just missed seeing a few things out there. Supposedly there was another tree on a different hole that was cut down. I have been thinking that overall the course looks pretty good but maybe I've overlooked a few things. Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of all this and move forward. Let cooler heads prevail now.
ThIs is caca. Knuckle-up with the guy! That sweatshirt in your photo looks like the sleeves are long enough to cover your fists. No knuckle marks, no evidence. Take his camera, pawn it, and buy a new pair of pruning shears...Situation...done!
Wow, I've got some people fired up. I'm not one to go searching for conflict but from time to time it comes your way. When conflict comes I tend to confront it directly. However, the next day you look back and decide what was accomplished by having a shouting match by the first tee. Yes, he was a D-bag for acting the way that he did. But in the end he didn't do anything and the course is still there. I overreacted as well and called him a F&*^ing idiot. Although he definitely was not showing good judgement.

Here is the thing about disc golf and disc golf courses. Generally they are on public land and therefore we have to go by the rules of the City, County, etc. And since disc golf is generally free to play we have to deal with a lot of different people. Some may be people who you recognize as being a little odd, but they seem to fit in with the disc golf crowd. The guy who was taking pictures was actually arguing with just such a person when this all started. So things quickly escalated. I just got caught in the middle of all of this. What really got me was the attitude of the guy taking pictures that "I know a judge and a detective". My daddy is bigger than your daddy. Oh well. That is when I lost it.

Because of the free use aspect of disc golf I think that there is a certain entitlement attitude of people who play and they just don't realize how much work a course needs to be maintained. Pruning is part of that work especially on a course like ours where there is a lot of brush and smaller elm trees. If right now is not a good time to prune then we will have to look to getting a work day going in the spring. The one thing that I didn't like about what my friend did is that he left the cut branches laying there. That just doesn't look good because then people know that pruning was done and are more likely to complain. If you do the job right and then clean up after yourself then it causes less problems. And only prune as much as is necessary. I am definitely going to talk with him about it and let him know that he caused problems by doing things the way that he did. If he would have talked with me first we probably could have avoided all of this.
You know what, it sounds like you and 'the enemy' both care about the course, so if you can talk with him (the direction it seems you want to take), sounds like he can bean ally in keeping the course in good nick. He was probably a bit rattled at the time of the original argument too. But he sounds reasonable.
I don't really know how reasonable the guy is but I do want to talk with him. I know that he cares about the course but he just went about it the wrong way. I was just up at the course yesterday and saw the limbs laying around on the ground. Neither myself or a friend who does a lot of work at the course were very happy about that. When trimming it's always best to clean up after yourself. That minimizes the likelihood of such situations. It's also best to do such trimming with a group of "core" people who are the main people involved with course maintenance. Better yet do the trimming on a work day and let the Forestry department know that you are pruning. My friend was out of line and the other guy went overboard with his reaction. Got to try and keep the peace. So there are two people that I have to talk with now. But there is no advantage to holding a grudge. S&%t happens and then you have to move on.
Now I found out today that the semi-crazy guy is slowly but surely cutting down a dead tree (it's an elm tree and the large top part is dead) that is in front of hole #8's tee. It has been there for as long as I can remember and is an integral part of that hole. I asked around and one of the guys who is heavily involved with moving baskets and course maintenance told me that he actually saw the guy cutting away at the tree. Supposedly he is at least half way through the tree. His attitude is that he will do whatever he pleases. His name is Preston and I have no problem posting that up here. But nobody knows what to do about Preston. Obviously in order to stop him we would have to call the cops. But someone is going to have to catch him in the act and then call it in.

I am so disappointed right now. Nobody gives a shit. And I had no idea that things had gotten so out of hand. If I had known this last week I would not have called the other guy a F%$#ing Idiot. Now I really need to speak with him. Man we could really use a good hunting camera right now. Maybe we should just tell him that we have already installed one. I also need to go down to 8's tee and see for myself. Too much drama for sure.

How about spiking that tree so that when he goes to cut it the saw will hit metal? Good idea?
Maybe you can have a therapist write calming phrases on the porta-crapper wall?
Maybe we can get the sniper tower installed and then I will be very calm.

Thinking I might just go write the guy's name on the tree and that he is cutting it down. Out him so to speak.
Hard to say for sure, just what I would do. The courses around here are either private property, municipal or county property or church property. In all cases, modification of the courses with out authorization from the appropriate course manager is frowned upon. So, I've always refrained from modifying any part of the courses, not even a little pruning.

Apparently the course you were on is different?

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