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I would make the basket part a little wider than the chains so they fall from the top and more chain hitters would go in.

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I like the band for wooded courses, makes them so much easier to find.  But the sound of hitting yellow...such a soul crushing noise.  In fairness, I have discovered I am equally as capable of hitting the top row of iron on DGA and Discraft baskets, fortunately they are not as noisy while mocking my terrible putting.  

Thanks Mark

Chainstar's and mach 5's (same basket, made in china) do have sweet spot its just very small (2/3 of the way up 3 inches right of the pole with 5-10 degrees of hyzer, for a righty). 

Mark your like of Innova's baskets is probably because it suits your putting style best, all baskets have a best putt on them (doesn't always catch them but does at a very high rate) you just have to learn which baskets catch best, which way.  

The mesh around the inner chains would help greatly with spit outs and cut thoroughs, the problem there comes from a manufacturing standpoint. What do you use that will hold up over time, stainless steel chain mail is the only thing I can think of, but that will add a ton of weight and at least 100 dollars/basket to the cost. (probably way more)

Another option is to mix and match chains on different tiers, but again it has draw backs...the chains have different masses and shapes causing them to react weird and get hung up on each other.

The Arroyo Vortex is an okay attempt at a fix but again not really cost effective (and poorly executed)

The real problem is with us and our putting.

Everyone wants to slam a disc into the chains and have it fall into a basket, there is a couple of problems with that, the two biggest...

1. Issac Newton's third law of physics.

2. the game/target were originated from ground targets meaning....

  * they were designed to make sure if you had a put that should go in without a deflection apparatus it does (absorbing a small variance of speed from what would be a considered a perfect putt. And what I mean by perfect putt is, the perfect speed and line (don't forget this game is modeled off of ball golf) and when putting in ball golf, speed is as important (actually more so, just as in disc golf) then the line (because the speed and spin of the disc determine the the amount and rate of fade, becoming the basis of of the line you want to take to the target).

That works as long as all putts are from the same direction. If you go past these targets you get another stroke getting back in front of it so you're able to putt at it. And then if you miss that putt and go by it again...

But, it will catch the disc.

Was not being serious with the netting.

The baskets are fine and imperfect.

What is perfect is your putting form.

You will miss a couple because of the alignment of the planets, miss hits, wind, someone talking while the disc is in the air (a fallacy).....

Some days the basket is like the ocean catching everything.

What made those putts that day, the 'basket' or you?

Ride the wave!



MY FAVORITE disc golf basket is the Chainstar.

Okay, I think I figured it out....

It's not the Baskets at ALL. It's the designs of the Putters! So, we just need the PDGA to approve a DGA "GumbPutt", you know those putters that are SO Soft and Floppy they will sneak through the holes in the cage, that is 2ft in Diameter. Even if you only hit one row of chain, those things are so soft, it will fall in. AND, the extra Diameter will assure that the disc catches a part of the cage to make it fall in!!!! 

Any Takers??????!!!!


Believe that any building a better "mousetrap" disc golf basket, will involve drastic change.

Will the PDGA approve drastic change?

All jokes aside, I agree with you Norbert. With "Steady Ed" being one of the Primary founders of the sport, Ed and his Son designing the baskets we have today, I doubt that any "Major" changes will come in terms of a PDGA "Approved" Target.

PDGA has already limited (quite a bit) what you can change about a basket and have it be approved as "championship quality", specifically anything to do with the term "Radial Symmetry".


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