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I would make the basket part a little wider than the chains so they fall from the top and more chain hitters would go in.

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Glostick and some tape.

I am one of those people who would love to play on a basket with a smaller chain assembly. This would make up for the added distance we all have now thanks to improved disc technology. Not saying I don't like these new disc, in fact I love the added distance.

So I say shrink the overall chain width to about 12 inch's but keep the basket portion the same size if not a little bigger. That way if you get an odd kick off the pole it should still reward a good solid putt.

Option 2, slanted band on the cage of the basket, like the annoying yellow ones on the Innova baskets. Slanted away from the chains, This should help keep your disc from being beat up as fast and it will slam it to the ground and prevent roll aways (hopefully). Top of the basket would be the same flat surface. This also would leave lots of space for sponsor logo's.


Interesting topic... I have played on a few courses where the space between the basket and the top of the chains is very short and some where they are long.  Does anyone know what regulation the baskets need to be from the top of the chains to the top of the basket?  If there is no regulated size, I would say to improve the basket means to improve the chain length.


Section 2 has info about baskets, 48-54 inch's would be the required height if I read that right.

Here's an extensive survey done regarding baskets you might find interesting:


i am dealing with the same thing currently. It seems easier to lift it in than to throw but I miss right a bit. Time for a new stable putter Im thinking. The meat on my ring finger gets in the way every time. Is it legal to tape that finger up?

lol Chuck. I wish they had used an easier chart.

I didn't realize people were changing/adding to the baskets, how big of a problem, or how often has that been?

I think you and I have talked about these before. But the tubed (instead of chains) baskets on a course in Ft Wayne were good disc catchers. Not sure if they are still there. Why did that not catch on more? or do you disagree they were good catchers?

They were homemade and not produced by a manufacturer so no one else could buy them to catch on. Steady Ed was still alive back then and he may have tried to tweak the standards to prevent them from going commercial if someone was planning to try. I think a better designed cone style basket would produce the most fair and consistent catching experience.


Keep working on putting.

Jim, I assume somebody said the same thing about word processors, land line telephones, and transistor radios.

There is always improvement to be made in any design--that said the two most promising improvements have been the three chain setup (Gateway) and the spinning vortex design (Arroyo).

Lets build on it...

Those examples are a whole different animal.... and both of those baskets suck, not in equal ways though.

How about you identify your problem and I'll tell you what you need to change with your shot.


And the only problem with any basket is the same on ALL baskets......wait for it.......

They use chain as an energy absorption vessel, which inherently doesn't work because chain doesn't react the same every time you hit it the same, there is too much energy at rest and too much variance from link to link for it to ever have a consistent result.

End of story.

And yes I know what I am talking about, I manufacture baskets and have tested everyone of them out there, As well as read damn near every disc golf target patent. On top of that I have been a golfer for going on 15+ years, And a physics lover since I could understand its the first three rules.

With that said, I would love to here what people love and hate about each individual model and how they think they can be improved (regardless of if its dumb or not) . But there is probably a good reason its never been done, which may have nothing to do with whether or not it effects catching ability and more to do with cost or the manufacturing process itself.

Also the most important thing you need to remember when putting is Newtons third law... every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

It'll save you tons of strokes and quite a few arguments, (I NEVER) spit out unless I completely forget what I am doing or miss my line)

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