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I would make the basket part a little wider than the chains so they fall from the top and more chain hitters would go in.

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Interesting topic... I have played on a few courses where the space between the basket and the top of the chains is very short and some where they are long.  Does anyone know what regulation the baskets need to be from the top of the chains to the top of the basket?  If there is no regulated size, I would say to improve the basket means to improve the chain length.


Section 2 has info about baskets, 48-54 inch's would be the required height if I read that right.

Here's an extensive survey done regarding baskets you might find interesting:


lol Chuck. I wish they had used an easier chart.

I didn't realize people were changing/adding to the baskets, how big of a problem, or how often has that been?

I think you and I have talked about these before. But the tubed (instead of chains) baskets on a course in Ft Wayne were good disc catchers. Not sure if they are still there. Why did that not catch on more? or do you disagree they were good catchers?

They were homemade and not produced by a manufacturer so no one else could buy them to catch on. Steady Ed was still alive back then and he may have tried to tweak the standards to prevent them from going commercial if someone was planning to try. I think a better designed cone style basket would produce the most fair and consistent catching experience.


Keep working on putting.

Those single set of chains baskets can get ya sometimes on a nice putt. Cant improve anything without changing it. I guess you dont know if you dont experiment and think outside the box.  I know if I do better I will make more putts. Doing good with the Climo style.

Most of the baskets in my area are made by DGA, including the Discraft Chainstars.  I view them as essentially flawed, rejecting both good and "perfect" putts without rhyme or reason to an unacceptably high percentage.  I believe there is no putting style or sweet spot which can overcome the inherent flaws in the design of these baskets.  In short, these baskets are arbitrary, sometimes rewarding weak putts and sometimes spitting out good putts.   An instant before a putt hits the chains no one can predict if the putt will stick or not because, to put it bluntly, these baskets suck. 

I used to think that Innova baskets were equally flawed and the older models seemed to be.  Playing the World Championships at Indiana a couple years ago I spent a week practice putting before the event and then playing the tournament the next week on new Innovas.  I saw one bounce out the entire time, on one of my practice putts.  I saw no blow throughs.  I know Spederwebs are also a big step up in efficacy too.  I have heard positive reports of other baskets (Titans, Vortex) but have never seen them in action.

The DGAs reveal two distinct flaws : bounce backs and blow throughs.  I am not an engineer so my guess of a solution is only a guess.  I would wrap a mesh sleeve ( metal, fabric, mithral, whatever) around the inner chains, absolutely preventing a blow throughs and hopefully minimizing bounce backs.  Perhaps a 3rd set of chains like Spiderwebs would work too.

I don't want to win or lose based on good putts which spit out.  A solid putt to the center of the chains should be good.  You did your job.  The disc did its job.  The basket should too.

Interesting, maybe I'll have to take another look at the Discatchers.  I'm pretty sure my dislike for them has to do with the sound of hitting the yellow top.  If the sound of chains is a good dream, the yellow top is the corresponding nightmare.

All that means is that you threw it too high/hard.  If you hit the band, it's your problem, not the basket's.  I love teh band simply because my eyesight sucks and sometimes all I can see of the basket from the tee is the band.

It was a joke Star Shark.  I think everyone has hit the yellow band at some point.

I like the baskets, but hate the yellow band... I feel like it draws my attention to it and makes me miss even more... But I am aware that is the fault of me and not the band.


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