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whats a good roller disc? Whats better, back hand or fore hand when throwing a roller?

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First, it depends on the layout of the shot you're taking. I'm a southpaw so everything's backwards, but the disc will always want to roll out to the face of the disc. Whether it does or not depends on plenty of variables. I use, and prefer a Star Cro by Innova, dubbed DrinkyCro. It's pretty easy to understand its roll characteristics within a few throws, from there it's just a matter of where and when to use a roll. If you're looking for a long distance roller, try almost anything understable, Valkyries, Monarchs, whatever any other company may offer that's similar. I hope that helps some.
discraft xpress its like you dont even need to learn how to roll before you start i reccomend the elite x version or the star kite from innova
Anything that is under stable or beat up and flips will work. I use a roadrunner hat I have had for a while. Everyone is different so throw a bunch of different discs to find what works best for you. If you are having a hard time flipping the champ or star discs try DX.
I do enjoy the xpress in X. I lost mine when a friend decided to field test it and never picked it up. Didn't realize it until I went to put it in my tourney bag.

Now I use beat Cheetahs and Valkyries. Also have a Wraith I've been working on, still needs some beating in though. I throw mostly backhand rollers, only use a forehand roller if I'm desperate.
I found that the Katana, when thrown like the Boss, is real flippy and turns into a good distance roller.I throw forehand.
Cheetah, Stratus, Wolf, Monarch, Roadrunner, Sidewinder, beat Roc. Good for back or forehand.
Avenger SS Rolls well
To add to the confusion, let me say that I have found Discraft's Cyclone & Avenger SS to make excellent rollers.
The only roller disc i have found consistant for myself is the roadrunner, and I throw backhand.
I use a star max for my sidearm roller. It will always finish left and travel 350 - 400 ft. Road runner for rhbh when ya want to finish right.
Beat discs that no longer want to fly make the best rollers for me.
You try to fly them flat, but they turn so much they just roll.
Anything Beat will roll...how far depends on the disc.
Putters roll short.
Stingrays, Cobras, etc. medium distance.
Roadrunner, Sidewinder, Wraith, etc. Long rollers.
There are different types of rollers...spike roller, sky roller, touch roller, etc.
With practice, rollers are as accurate as flights.
With practice, rollers are as accurate as flights.
I know you will not believe me so I typed it twice.
Get the right discs and go practice!
As far as which is better...right hand backhand curves to the right at the finish and forehand finishes to the left...use the one you need for the hole...learn both with practice in an open field.
Everything is opposite for lefties...based on the direction of the spin on the disc.
beat up avenger ss or a surge beat in

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