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Just wondering what everyone's favorite drivers, mid's and putters are? About how many discs do you carry with you on average?

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DISCRAFT BABY! Force is the go-to driver and I carry four of them. I also carry a Z Flick for FH, ESP Tracker for throwing in the wind. Z Avenger for shorter shots, ESP First Run Cyclone, Z Xpress. Mid-ranges I only have two, Z Buzzz and an LE FLX DRONE. I putt with Challengers. In the winter time to save my putters and extend their life, I switch from Pro D Challengers to Elite X Soft Challengers. All in all I carry at maximum 13 discs. The only reason for more than 10 is I carry a couple back-up discs.
My go to driver is the Pulse, mid is the nebula, putter I'm with wade, challenger. I carry a few more discs then wade.
2 flicks
2 pulses
2 proto type pulse like discs (little less stable than the pulse)


2 challengers

So total I carry 19 discs. I know what each disc does for me except the avenger, which I found under my stove a few weeks ago and haven't taken it out to throw yet. Lol
I use the avenger on hole 12 at my course. I use it for a hard left shot even though its not meant for that. sometimes you have to manipulate a disc to work how you want it to. Bottom line is that the avenger is a understable disc that packs a punch if you us it the right way..enjoy!
My fave driver is a 167g Star Valkyrie with a 169g elite-z XL in a close second.

My fave fairway driver is 171g champion Leopard

My fave mid range is a 170g champion Spider.
For my drivers I am learning the ESP Cyclone, but for FH I use Flicks, Forces and Star Destroyers. Mid Ranges are Comets, Buzzzes and Makos. Soft Challenger in X for putting. 20 discs total in my bag.
I have 2 surges, a pulse, 3 flash's, Z reaper, Buzz, Wasp, Zone, 2 Hard Magnets, 1 Rattler, 1 crush and 1 star destroyer.
My current bag is:
171 Pro Boss
173 FLX Predator
168 2x Champ Beast (favorite)
167 Champ Valk
174 Champ Teebird
176 FLX Buzz (favorite)
178 Z Comet
175 Glo Warlock
175 KC Pro Aviar

This setup allows me different types of stability with most aspects of my game, I will be buying a bigger bag in April and would like to add a few discs. Understable Leopard/roadrunner and also a more understable mid (any suggestions?)
the meteor is a great understable mid. it's a -.5 and feels sort of like a driver with a very small rim. great glide.
Got a Meteor for trade/sale...
Man went out today, Can't get enough of my Drones. Got three of them, 1 Pro 174 beat, 1 pro 167 new, and one FlX 178g.
I think that they are my new favorite mid ranges.
Torque 172g
Z Hawk 174g
ESP Zone 171g
Predators 16g FLX and 172g ESP.
Z Reaper 172g
Z Trackers 169g and 174g
Talons 172g and 168g
Pulse 171g
ESP Crush 172g
Stalker 174g
Challengers Elite X 172g and FLX 174g

That is what was in my for today's round. Discraft all the way baby.
I almost think Drone is the best disc ever it does exactly what you want it to do every time you throw it.
So predictable.

All and I carry 12 different molds.
I mainly use a star 175 valkeryie,champ beast,r pro boss,and champ waith for drivers.For midrange i throw rocs,and a star mako.My putters are a 175 gram wizard,and ssmagic.The nuke is slowly becoming a go to driver though.
170g Nuke
168g Pro Destroyer
175g Champ Destroyer
170g Z Flash
168g Opto Line Vision
165g 11X KC Champ Firebird (beat)
165g 11X KC Champ Firebird (fresh)
178g Cryztal Z Buzzz
178g ESP Wasp
178g ESP Drone
178g Z Hawk
FLX Challenger
Pro D Magnet


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