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i want to start a discussion regarding whats in your bag, and why.

  • Star Valkyrie (168 g.):  My go to driver #1. It's so highly maneuverable.  Perfect for skinny hyzers or anhyzers and can also be used on longer fairway drives because its a lighter disc and easier for me to control. Very low profile disc. 
  • Star Beast (174 g.): My go to driver #2.  They say the beast is a cousin of the valkyrie, and i completely agree.  It's capable of doing everything a valkyrie can do but also give me the extra distance.  Being a heavier disc it's more predictable, and also great in the wind, on downhill shots, and larger hyzer/anhyzer shots.
  • Star Roc: This disc will do it all for me.  All i do is give it a nice, swift throw aiming 10 ft to the right (depending on the wind situation) and it will consistently park itself right next to the basket. They say this disc is capable of being manipulated into any shot,  but i mostly rely on it for the general midrange shot, and shorter holes.
  • Kc Pro Roc: Old reliable. Gets me out of trouble in every situation. It seems to me it may be the plastic compared to the star plastic on my other Roc.
  • Discraft Buzzz Elite X: I never really use this disc, but it is an awesome disc. I'm just not a fan of the X plastic. It's also a very flat disc.
  • Discraft Magnet:  I am not a fan of discraft, but boy do i love this putter.  Awesome for even the longest putts and approaches.  Fits perfectly in my hand and the plastic feels great.
  • Discraft Soft Magnet: I use this disc strictly in the winter, because it hardens the plastic.  The only other time ill use this disc is if me and the guys are playing a round with only our putters; feels great off of the tee for some odd reason?

 (also if anybody has any information on the Orc, Groove, or Sidewinder, let me know.  Does the downward curve on the Orcs rim have any big effect on the path the disc will travel?  Does the Groove help at all? and why do they call it the Sidewinder? does it have some crazy sidewinding path?) I need more info than just the site gives me. thanks!

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2 x Pro Starfire (171 & 172) - longer control driver
1 x S-PD (172) - headwind driver
1 x P-PD (171) - distance disc
1 x Z Flick (168) - overhands and flick rollers, cut rollers
1 x Star Beast (170) - long anhyzers and turnovers

1 x Champ Teeb (171) - this disc is in it's sweet spot - sidearm and backhand control driver, hyzers and shorter overhands
2 x DX Gazelle (167 & 174) - ultimate fairway control driver, anhyzers, hyzerflips
2 x CFR Glow Gazelles - (172) - same as above, but more for wooded areas and touch more stable overall than DX
1 x GL River - (170) - fairway control driver, trying it out because of the hype on the glide
1 x Opto River - (171) - same deal as above, just like to try discs in different plastics

1 x FLX Drone - (179) - headwinds, spike hyzers, sidearm approach
1 x Z Wasp - (175) - Used when it is too windy for the comet, sidearm approach, medium hyzer
2 x X Comet - (175) - LOL, needs no introduction...this disc will change your life
2 x JK Aviar - (175) - driving off the tee on holes 280' or less, approach FH & BH, utility disc, short rollers, cut rollers

2 x Magic - (168) - my money putters

Depending on the course I play and the wind, I'll use my Gazelles, Comets, and Aviars. The other discs are for specialty shots or get out of trouble shots, or longer versions of the aforementioned discs. It doesn't appear that I'm a mold minimalist but if you see me play, you'll see that I am.
I would say they call it a Sidewinder due to it's helix? who knows? Innova always groups their discs (Cobra, Viper, Sidewinder...) I'd say try the Vision by Lat 64. Think of it as a longer more predictable Sidewinder, but I also carry both, because the Vision is a much better turnover disc.
I also carry an Orc for windy days (mod wind), but it's also a SE Orc, so it's a bit more overstable than the norm. I really like it.
As for the Groove...hmmmm..I've kind of lost my lust for all those wide rimmed monsters. Mind you I still carry a Nuke and Katana, but I only use them a few times a round due to their nasty temperments and my inabillity to throw them with any consistency and the Groove seems the worst of them all. You might want to try the Katana? Similar to the Groove, but a little more predictable.
My candy shop consists of 2 Elite Z Surge (166, 169) The Surge is the best all around disc for any situation. I use this disc almost every hole at the Jordan Park. Backhand, sidearm, and tomahawk. I also use a 169 Star Katana, 169 Elite Z Force, and 169 champion Destroyer to complete my sidearm and tomahawk arsenal.
172 Champ Beast
172 Champ Boss
174 Champ Boss XG
171 CFR katana
173 Pro Katana (First Run)
175 Champ Rhyno
172 Star XCaliber
176 Elite Z Buzz
172 Disc Mania Craze
172 Elite Z Surge SS (ACE DISC)
170 Champ Eagle (Roller)
I'm not a fan of the Groove or the Katana. The Groove NEVER lived up to the flight ratings or hype and the Katana has waaaaaay to shallow of a rim depth for my long fingers to grip comfortably. The Groove is way more stable than the flight ratings suggest. The Sidewinder in Champ is a very long disc and great for annies and rollers when they get beat in. I have a buddy that uses a beat Champ Sidewinder and does well with it.
Flick - Max D Sidearm
Nuke - Max D S-Curve
Predator - Headwind, Thumber, Scoobie, Tommies, Sidearm
Surge - Max D Hyzer & Spike Hyzers, skip shots
River - Fairway Control Driver - any line i want; flat, hyzer, anny
Vision - Max D Hyzer Flip, tailwinds, very long anhyzers
Buzzz - ultimate control less than 275ft
Voodoo - puttin
Wizard - puttin with headwind, or short drives off tee
Hey! what happend to the Cryztal Challenger? Let me guess, to slippery ;)
152 Sirius OLS
152 QOLF X 2
152 Champ Firebird
152 Champ Teebird X 2
158 11x Champ Teebird
152 Champ Leopard X 2
158 C.E. Leopard
152 11X Champ Gazelle
152 QJLS
152 Champ Rancho Roc
158 Champ Rancho Roc
158 Champ XD
152 DX Aviar P&A
158 DX Aviar P&A
ProLine Leo- Straight driver ends straight
ProLine Leo- Flip Hyzers
Star Leo- Long turnovers
CE Leo- Straight shots with power
1st Run Destroyer- Loong Flip Hyzers & Roller
Echo Boss- Bombs
12x Roc (New)-Stable
12x Roc (Old)-Understable
CE Roc-Overstable
Black 12x Kc Aviar (New) approach, wind
'96 Black Big Bead Aviar- main putter

Orcs are straight fliers but flip in wind, Grooves suck, Sidewinders are great discs in the woods.
Throw what you know! Throw Straight and Throw what you KNOW! oh yeah and hit 25 footers like its going outta style.
it was the feel of it, bigger lip than i expected, you want it back?
Na, It's yours. They just were not tacky enough for me. I'm sure you'll find some one who will want it.
Thanks for offering though.

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