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I know there has already been a discussion like this but its a little old and I wanted to see what people are carrying nowadays. Below is a list of what I carry in my bag during a round. Any suggestions on something I should try or something is missing would be appreciated.

Wraith Pro 168g
Orc Champ 172g
Valkyrie star 168g
Valkyrie Glow 175g
Firebird Champ 175g
Firebird DX 172g
Leopard Champ 168g
Leopard Champ 150g
Roc KC Pro 175g
Roc Glow 175g
Roc DX 175
Aviar DX 160g
Rhyno Pro 170g

Edit: My bag has changed a little since then and since you guys resurrected this thread I thought I'd let you see how my bag has grown.

Wraith Champ 175g
Wraith Star 172g
Wraith DX 172g
Orc Champ 175g
Orc Champ 172g
Beast Champ 175g
Monarch Champ 172g (X-Out)
Valkyrie Star 175g
Firebird Champ 175g (X-Out)
Teebird Champ 175g
Teebird Champ 171g (CFR)
Leopard Champ 168g

Roc DX 176g (Beat)
Roc DX 174g (New)
Buzzz Elite Z 175g
Buzzz FLX 175g

Wizard See Through Elite 172g (Short drives+Long Approaches)
Wizard Soft 172g
Wizard Soft 172g

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No responses huh?
champ & star Destroyers
champ Boss
star Teerex
star Wraith
star FL
star Teebird
champ Valk
FLX Buzz
Z Buzz
ESP Meteor
Soft Wizards

Everybody should have a Teebird in their bag!
from most stable to putters:

champ boss 175
champ destroyer 175
star x calibur 175
pro wraith 175
champ groove 173
star orc 173
champ beast 174
FLX surge ss 173
Z avenger 175
DX teebird 174
star teebird 173
ESP avenger ss 174
ESP XL 170
champ monarch 173

champ san marino roc 180
star ontario roc 180
star ontario roc 180
star ontario roc 168
DX ontario roc 180

evolution wizard
sss vodoo
champ glow avair
r pro avair

im probably forgeting somthing but is most of them.
pro d avenger- 171
esp impact- 171
cryztal avenger ss- 174
esp avenger ss- 167
esp pulse- 171
esp pulse- 169
esp force- 174
elite z force- 174
elite z flick- 174
elite z xpress- 173
esp tracker- 171
nebula- 169
elite x buzzz- 175
cryztal buzzz-
breeze- 176
cryztal challenger
esp zone- 168

Epic- 167

Rubber Putter- 170

I carry the epic and the rubber putter only when I'm playing a course that requires me to throw over water, other than that they stay at home.

What you need in your bag.... some Discraft
2 sparkle Forces
2 esp Forces
2 esp Surges
1 sparkle predator
1 esp Buzzzz
1 Sparkle ss Buzzzz
1 elite x Buzzzz
2 pro-d banger gt's
1 esp Zone
1 uv soft challenger
1 KC Pro Aviar 175g
1 DX Aviar 175g
1 Pro Firebird 167g
1 Surge SS 170g
1 Evolution Element 175g
1 KC Pro ROC 174g
1 JK Champion Valkyrie 172g
1 Champion Monarch 171g
1 Champion RoadRunner 167g
1 Champion Panther 168g
1 ESP FLX Avenger SS 166g
1 Star TL 167g

I switch a few out from time to time. Depends on what course I am playing on. They are pretty much the discs I feel comfortable throwing.
Let's see how my memory works (bag is out in the car).

Aviar DX icebowl 2006 color stamp 172g
Pig Pro 172g
Classic Roc champion 170g
Roc dx (???g) beat
Classic Cobra dx 170ish beat
Classic Cobra dx 168g
Cobra Proline 178g
Shark champion (mid to high 70's)
Stingray champion 178g beat
Stingray champion 176g
Teebird-L pro 172g quasi-beat
Leopard champion 169g
Roadrunner champion (low 70s, high 60s?)
Roadrunner champion (174g?)
Eagle champion 169g

I think that covers me for right now.
Hey Joshua, I think you should try a destoyer. for me they are money! I have a pro and a star in my bag. pro is a little more overstable at first.also monarchs are awesome and I find star being a little more overstable. I have both champ and star in my bag. also I love innova but that being said. I have 3 rancho rocs kc12x, star, and glow all great disc but ..... just got a buzz ss and right away love it. meteor is also a good disc by disccraft.
big anny that in needs to hold right curving line for about 250 then slowly turn over and come back and finish left. or if i have to crank one all the way right i put it up high with a lot of snap and it will go about 200 hard right then kind of plane out and glide about another 150 still turning right. thats what i use mine for but its broke in just right.
My longest flying discs are my Valkyries. I can throw them about 380-400ft with a hyzer flip. I mostly use my Orc and Wraith for holes that I want a predictable but slighter fade at the end then my Firebirds provide. A destroyer looks WAY more overstable than a wraith but I've heard that they beat in well, has that your experience? I also live in Innova Country and the only way I could get ahold of some discraft is online. I guess I just don't want to buy something if I haven't held one for myself.

I would say you've got a pretty nicely rounded bag and simple bag set. I like that your "fastest" driver is the wraith. To me it seems that discs get touchy and unpredictable beyond there. Probably that is because I'm on the cusp of power where most of the time I get enough power to throw them, but sometimes I don't.

It doesn't look like you need to add anything to your bag, but here are my picks if you want to try some stuff:

-Teerex-X (first pick as you don't seem to have a really fast overstable disc...basically I use it as a longer firebird)
-TL ...but you have the Leopard and they probably fulfill the same need
-Groove... I'm toying with these now...I've been able to throw them farther than anything, but I don't have the flight line nailed down yet...not sure if they'll make it to the tourney bag yet.
4 - Orcs ( 2-161,168,175)
1 star destroyer (175)
2- DX aviars (175,172)
1 crystal z challenger (175)
1 champ eagle (168)
1 CE FL (175)
1 Champ Groove (173)
1 Z Crush (175)
think thats all....lol

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