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It seems I notice that in the bags of Many people are a LARGE assortment of drivers, maybe 1-2 different mids, and a putter or two. I myself carry quite a few drivers now, BUT, I can't seem to get away from carrying a lot of Mids also. I have found mids that I LOVE, albeit probably to many of them.

I am up to 14 drivers I carry, 6 mids, and 2 different putters. One of the drivers may go, but other than that, I love my setup now. 
Whats your bag look like?

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I use an old Wall City bag, have 4 Drivers, 2 Mids, and 1 Putter. Don't need a special disc for every shot, and don't like the extra weight.

I have a homemade cart.

it is roughly 50 / 50.

What I mean, is 50% Innova and 50% Discraft.

I have at least three drivers and mid-ranges each.

One goes left, one goes right, and one goes straight.

Then I have an approach disc, and my putter.

Then I have a couple fun discs that I can't let go off.


3+3 drivers

3+3 Mid Range

1 + 1 Approach putt

5 extras oh wait, I have a couple of extra of my favorites.

And 95 % of them are bright yellow.

I carry a mixed bag of brands between Innova, Discraft and the various others. I use an old army satchel which perfectly holds up to about twelve discs. I have more discs than what are in my bag mind you, and the cast in the bag rotates around often. I'm a firm believer that you only really need about five discs that you know well and trust, so those discs never leave the bag while others come and go.

I use a beer cooler bag, carries about 14


Since I review discs the line-up changes regularly among the 15 companies who have supported my review effort.


All told have about 70 discs.


In time it'll evolve to a lighter weight array for calm days


and a heavier one for the usual windy days we get up here.

Mine's about 3/4 drivers.   20 discs, 2 putters, 3 mids, 15 drivers.  I don't carry alot of different molds, just alot of backups of each.

Everthing Flys !!!!  Just make sure you get the Right Weights in each Disc !!!

Very Cool. Neat to see how peoples bags vary. I am ALL Discraft except for my Innova "YetI" Aviars and Beat up Star Roadrunner, then my Lat 64 Gold Vision and Fuse. The Vision will be coming out soon. Once I figure out the discs I REALLY Trust, I will whittle it down and carry multiples of the same disc instead of so much variance.
Donny, I am CURIOUS. How many discs in Mr. Olow's bag?????

You all need to look more international in your discs


Daredevil, Latitude 64, Westman, are among a number of international companies doing great discs.


Ching and Quest have some sweet offerings too.


and watch some of the newer players, Skyiron as an example.

I play disc golf for exercise so I carry more discs then I use in 18 holes but all my discs get used sooner or latter.

My current bag is:

FADE Fly or Die Tournament Bag:
Vulcan -- 170g Captain Americia Shield
Wahoo -- 169g Red Distance floater
Surge SS -- 166g Red.
Rogue (Misprint) -- 166g Pink. Long distance stable disc.
Gold Line Flow -- 168 Black. Gift from another disc golfer my favorite driver.
Champion Beast -- 171g Blue. Inconsistant backhand not bad sidearm.
Champion Valkyrie -- 176g Cranberry. Go To driver
Star Valkyrie -- 171g Pink.
Pro Firebird -- 168g Red. Lighter weight then the champ Firebird.
Star Road Runner -- 174g White with blue Dragon Dye Job use for rollers
Opto Vision -- 173g Light Blue. A long straight shoter
Opto River -- 172g Blue. Fairway dirver and flip disc.
Champion Tee Bird -- 175g Cranberry. Go to fairway driver.
Star Leopard -- 177g Blue X-Out Backup for my River
2008 USDGA Champion Roc -- 178g Pink. Midrange fairway shots.
Star San Marino Roc --180g Red. Long Midrange and Sidearm midrange.
R-Pro Roc Plus (Misprinted) -- 180g Orange. Get out of trouble disc.
KC Pro Roc -- 177g White with faded Dragon Dye. Longer midrange and upshots.

Wizard -- 175g Glow Putter
Worlock -- 170g Red Putter

14 in my Mini-Revolution /  21 on my Disc Golf Cart. I should take a picture. I think Mark Wilson ( M-Dub ) has a photo somewhere !


I have played Tournaments on a Ball Golf course and the Max you can carry is 14. Not sure if the rules have changed on Ball Golf courses.

Woods course 5-7 drivers, 4-6 mids, 2-3 putters.

Open courses 8 drivers, 3 mids, 2 putters.

Local course 3 drivers, 2 mics, 2 putters

I try to limit my selection down to where I throw what I know. I used to carry 20+, after switching to bring 10-15 disc a started playing much better. Now each course calls for its own disc selection but I have about 7 disc that I throw 90% of the time, and the other disc are just for those get out of trouble and water shots. 

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