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Alright Folks.... Another curiousity killed the cat question.....


I bought a Discraft Avenger SS FLX on a recommendation (Thank You Eric Day!) and have been throwing the Poo out of it in a field the past 3 days. Now, My BEST drive to date using various Innova drivers was about 320-330 ft with a Star Vulcan on a completely uncontrollable (for me) hyzer line. I had NO discs that I could break the 300ft mark with, CONTROLLED.

This Avenger SS FLX is AMAZING to me because it is giving me the confidence in my drives I have been looking for. Threw it tonight out to about 325ft from on a slight down hill slope. The best part is when I decided to rip it back the other way and put it 10 past where I threw it from, Uphill. The Avenger SS FLX is giving more and more confidence everyday I throw it. Which is Exactly what I have been looking for for where I am at in my game.....

Which Brings me to the Question, What is YOUR FAVORITE disc and WHY??? What do YOU throw best and HOW does it give you the confidence to go for those shots you wouldn't take without THAT disc????


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A new disc that had shocked me on how good it is. I got 2 Nuke SS's, first time throwing them was Friday, Sat and Sun was a big two day tourney. I like them so much, it was my main driver both days of tourney play. I have to say, Discraft did a good job on this one. Now if they make a disc as good as the sidewinder I'll have an all Discraft bag
I bought an SS after you sent me the beat NUKE, Eric. Its crazy. I can put a Huck (for me anyway) on the SS, but I still can't get the standard Nuke to fly well. How is the SS flying for you? Turning over, fairly straight?????? Inquiring minds want to KNOW!!!!! :)
Ok when I throw it with slight hyzer it will flip to a slight annie then hyzer out at the very end. Now when I threw it on a higher anhyzer line, it flex out real nice for me. It never once flipped into a cut roller, but it is brand new and 175g. I was getting it out there 360-400 without any trouble.
VERY NICE. That is what I am hoping for at some point. I know the Nuke SS is STILL to fast of a disc for me at this point, BUT, unlike the Vulcan, I can actually throw it flat and KEEP it flat for the bulk of its flight. Then, its fade is very slow and gentle at the end. The BEST I have done with it is about 320ft though. I do have to say, I am gonna keep working on the Nuke SS cause I think it will be a mainstay in my bag, especially when my arm gets a bit bigger..... :)
NUUUUUKKKKKE for distance. GL RiveR for anny control.
Wow already getting over 320 your picking up the game fast, don't forget to work on putting as much as your driving. Once your putts are good you don't need D lol. I wouldn't really worry about disc speed so much I still use speed 11's for big distance shot. And the super high speeds for more accurate shots. Don't make much since but it's how I play.
Just got a King from Westside Discs. I liked the Vulcan but it didn't roll over enough unless I ripped it. The King turns enough to roll which is what I've been looking for. I give it some hyzer and watch as it flattens and flies far even in tailwind. I got a pretty flat one 170 in tournament plastic. the other plastic had more dome and is supposed to be more stable. I threw a pretty freaky 600 ft. roller the other day, not bad for a 61 yr. old ex pro.
HOLY C!@#! A 600ft roller???? :0 You the the Man Larry Mann!
I think I've seen you some nights when I'm throwing my star tl.  :-)
So hard to choose because all the discs in my bag are so vital.  For now I'll go with my 11x firebird.  I use it for low and slow approach shots, thumbers (only when I have to), low ceiling left turn drives with a big skip for added d, and hyzers hyzers hyzers... spikes and pure hyzers.  If it is a wide open field shot chances are I'm going to attempt a skip ace with a firebird.  It bounces pin high everytime.  There's the awww factory you were asking about.
Champion Leopards! I've been on a roll with throwing dead straight shots with a beat-in champ leopard. If the course is wooded or has tight fairways, or if you need to go longer than a roc or buzzz and still stay straight, the leopard is where it's at. imho, the most underrated disc ever (but it's probably a throwing style thing too, you can't crank it hard like some other fairways drivers like a teebird or... whatever, it's more of a finesse disc. Also, champion Wraiths and Destroyers! Star plastic is great, but I don't think champion plastic has any less grip, unless you're in a down pour of rain.
I have seen Barry Shultz put some STANK on his Champion Leopards. He can chuck the poo out of that disc! Good pick.... :)

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