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I have been playing around with different grips lately, ESPECIALLY for drivers and Wider rimmed discs. I have the Smallest Man hands in the world, so I have a HARD time gripping discs and getting consistent release. I have found the past week that a 2 finger (index and middle finger) grip work AMAZING for me compared to a traditional 4 fingered power grip on drivers and mids. I get more snap, AND, it is WAY MORE accurate for me. 

Does hand size, finger length, play a big part in this? I have very short fingers and wide hands, but I have VERY STRONG hands. I can literally crush walnuts in my hands without much effort. Which brings me to think that a 2 finger grip is what is saving me. When I try and throw a traditional 4 finger power grip, I grip lock LITERALLY 50% of the time. With a 2 finger grip, everything seems to go much smoother....


What kind of grip (grips) do you use????

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I use a three finger power grip,with my pinkie tucked in .Still get the power part but i think you keep control better.
Bonopane without interlocking the thumb and forefinger as shown:  http://www.innovadiscs.com/images/grips/P1010034.jpg
I also use a 3 finger grip.  I feel that i get better control and can get it out over 500ft.  The only problem I have is when it rains its hard to hold on to the disc.  I still throw a 4 finger once in a while so if it does rain in a tourney i can throw a 4 finger grip and not worry.  I think there in no right way as long as it works for you.

3 finger power grip with the pinky tucked. i use it for everything except putting and approach shots under 150 feet.


my friend alternates his grip and one of them is the one you mention: index and middle finger. he claims that he has better control and gets more spin with this grip and because of the increased spin, he can throw it further this way. he also uses only his pinky and ring finger for even more control. i don't understand how these grips could increase your spin, but whatever works. the disc doesn't lie.
Interesting point you bring up on the widder rimmed discs. My Nuke Hyzers out and i assume it was a lack of disc speed but when i see other guys distances.. the difference might actually be my grip, I have girly sized hands.

I hear what Gbudz is saying about the grip actually causing MORE spin. I don't think that is the case for me, in a way. I know that when I tried 4, or even 3, fingered power grips, I grip lock. If I didn't grip lock, I could get no distance. My drivers would hyzer out and go nowhere. I NEVER felt this elusive SNAP that I hear so much about. I was literally squeezing the poo out of the disc and not releasing. When I tried to fix it, I started letting go instead of releasing and everything left my hand way to early. What I can do with the 2 fingered grip now is still grip it more than needed, BUT, without those other 2 fingers there the disc actually RIPS out. I created the pivot point that should be there with 4 fingers, but wasn't. So, I guess TECHNICALLY the disc IS getting more spin, but only because it wasn't getting enough spin in the 1st place, for me anyway....

Nic777, if you Hyzer out on the WIDER rimmed discs, you may try a 2 or 3 finger grip on those discs. The pivot point is the KEY for me to be able to throw the longer, more stable drivers. I have to get the pivot out of my hand to get it Spinning, and I just CAN"T with a normal 4 finger grip....

And the Nuke's rim is friggin' HUGE. Just got one in a trade this week and have yet to throw it. I may need both hands to grip it.... 



I use the grips found here.


likewise,I've used the Bonopane.Thumb rests beside the index on flight plane.Must be how you place your thumb Chuck ?

In the beginning I thought I was using the power grip.

But as I started to pay attention.......

I noticed that I use a Three finger power grip.

The pointer finger is slightly straightened out under the disc and my

thumb is on top of the disc.

I hate the fact that I tried to pay attention to my grip instead of

letting it be nature, cause now I find myself thinking about my

grip in mid throw and it takes away from my concentration.

Yep. Forefinger isn't long enough and it's not comfortable to place thumb on finger or vice versa.

It's great grip when wet. Don't even need to towel off the disc and it holds tight.
2 finger power grip as well. I think it works well with smaller hands.
Four fingered power grip, only putting pressure on the rim with index and middle.

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