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I have been a mix of putting styles since I started. I have had trouble getting a consistent putting stroke. I got some Great advice lately on putting. My problem with the advice, and as of late, is that my throwing arm elbow has started hurting a bit after rounds, sometimes during. I feel it the Worst when I putt. I don't snap it or anything, its just any type of spin putt arm stroke hurts now. So, I took the advice I was given on release, keeping the disc flat and such, but incorporated a straight armed straddle putt type stroke that doesn't hurt my elbow. Been working on it the past 2 days and I am pretty solid out to 30ft with it. 

This got me thinking about all the putting styles out there. What is YOUR Primary Putting Style/Technique? Are you a Spin, or Push Putter? Straddle, or more conventional stance? Are you a Turbo Putter Primarily? Would love to hear how people put it in the basket... :)

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I'm a standard, run of the mill staggered stance spin putter.  It works reasonably well for me although I'm having some grip issues lately.

Do you use a "Birdie Bag".

I think that is what is called.

It is like a rasin bag for Disc Golfers.

No, it's not that related.  It's like my hand relaxes before release so I get nothing on the shot.  More focus ant timing is what will fix it.
I definitely have to make sure that I am relaxed before I putt and that I also follow through. If I get tense I will pull the putt right and if I don't follow through the putt will go high.
I do the EXACT same thing Jim. Relax and follow through. I miss a lot high and right. :)
I just aim at the pole with enough spin !!! :D
Gotta add that using the walk through jump putt.....don't know the exact name for it.....that Dave feldberg uses, has been a great addition to my game. Just started using it over the lunge jump putt and I have found much more accuracy. Feeling some confidence now from 40 or 45 feet out. Still not sure how some of u pros are nailing putts from 60 plus ft. Crazy!!
Showoff. :)
I will say i am a spin putter. I get more distance and accuracy with spin then push for some reason. Turbo putts are for fun
I think what I do is a push putt, regular stance, I've been practicing turbo putting for over bushes etc.. I also do a weird kind of forehand putt to get around tree's and such.
I'm a spin putter.  I used to be a loft putter, but it didn't work out for me in the long run.  I putt every day and ever since I have, my rating and finish keep going up.
great pic!

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