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I have been a mix of putting styles since I started. I have had trouble getting a consistent putting stroke. I got some Great advice lately on putting. My problem with the advice, and as of late, is that my throwing arm elbow has started hurting a bit after rounds, sometimes during. I feel it the Worst when I putt. I don't snap it or anything, its just any type of spin putt arm stroke hurts now. So, I took the advice I was given on release, keeping the disc flat and such, but incorporated a straight armed straddle putt type stroke that doesn't hurt my elbow. Been working on it the past 2 days and I am pretty solid out to 30ft with it. 

This got me thinking about all the putting styles out there. What is YOUR Primary Putting Style/Technique? Are you a Spin, or Push Putter? Straddle, or more conventional stance? Are you a Turbo Putter Primarily? Would love to hear how people put it in the basket... :)

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I'm an all around putter, worked hard learning every way to putt.

My normal putt would be a normalish stance with a half spin half lob put.

I turbo putt a decent amount, mainly so I don't lose it.

Straddle putting is my least fav as I have issues putting to high or low. But I will use atleast once a round.
Definitely gotta go w a putting style that doesn't leave you in pain. The only thing that hurts when I putt is my score. I've been struggling w my putting for almost a year and have tried many different styles from straddle to staggered from pitch to push to spin, from hyzer to straight to anhyzer. Nothing has been very consistent for me or felt right. I'm now working w a style I picked up from watching Matt Orum, Nate Doss and Josh Anton. This style feels smoothest for me since it allows me to keep the disc on a straighter line w less power. I'm just hoping to move my confidence ring out further w much more consistency. Practice practice practice.

Get your balance. Left foot back and to the left of the right foot. Shoulders square to the basket. Disc in the basket. I don't worry about spin at all. The disc will spin.


The main thing is to get your feet set with good balance. Square yourself to the hole. And always follow through. I can straddle putt if necessary but it is harder for me to get enough push on the disc while in the straddle position.


I try not to overthink my putts because the brain can sometimes just get in the way of a good putt. Confidence will put the disc in the basket.

"Get your balance. Left foot back and to the left of the right foot. Shoulders square to the basket. Disc in the basket. I don't worry about spin at all. The disc will spin."


This is the stance I am taking, but my stroke is a straight arm straddle putt type (via Nikko Locastro) lob. I have figured out how to put with the disc flat and put it in like a spin putt, or on an angle and take it in hyzer. I worked on it for a couple hours today, about an hour at at time. By the time I was done I was hitting 100% out to 20 ft, which is better than I have been doing. AND, it didn't HURT!

Straddle Putt out to about 45 feet and then offset traditional....if you straddle putt you have the best balance and the fewest moving parts to eliminate variables that can throw your putt off just enough to miss....
like this hard and straight
i like the push putt but still spinny put every now and then

ive been working on this...http://http://vimeo.com/19847946

it's been very helpful.

Recently I have learned to

"Put the Lotion in the Basket"

I do not have a set putting style.

I use whatever style is warrented to make a putt.

Weither it is Turbo, straddle, jump etc, I use when needed.

But I created the "Lotion" putter.  From the line of Silence of the Lamb......

"It shall put the Lotion in the basket"

I say this a couple times before putting.  It helped.  Before when I would be fifty feet or more out,

i would consider that a lay up.  But since I have been using the lotion and repeatedly say the quote, my

putting has improved.  So now, my putting zone went from 15 feet and below, and has grown to 80 feet or so.

Or should I say my comfort zone for putting. 

So with me, it is not the actual putting style, it is MENTAL.  

That's an Awesome Pic Harold.
DD, that Rules. The "Lotion" Putter. Did you name it Buffalo Bill? You should dye up a few "Lotion" putters and sell them..... Wink Wink, nudge nudge. :)

I have seen several players putt that way.

It does not matter the distance, they "bee line" the disc into the basket.

I try to make my putts straight, but I can not get that "Snap" needed  for a direct, straight, hard putt.

I have even seen a couple of people putt so hard that they "taco" their disc into the side of the basket.

Now that is a hard "Bee line".

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