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I like playing for money. There is nothing like making that important putt for a little tournament cash. But when your playing as an Amateur in a PDGA tourney, your will never see that cash again! Having a player rating is cool, but non-sanctioned events are way more fun because of 100% division pay-outs.

Plus, the last tournament I played in, the entry fee was high, the players package was a sticker and a $11.00 mid-range I'll never throw, and when I got "paid" for placing in the money, my prize was a high priced plastic wham-o you'll find at any generic toy section in America. I mean come on, at least give away a wham-o product disc golfers would like; for example the plastic mini-basket set, not some worthless and meaningless prize.

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Not getting anything.
The players package is a very small part of the overall tourney experience, but I do like to get 'something'. More of a tourney momento for me though. I remember one tourney I played in & I finished near the middle of my division. Nowhere near a 'medal' postion yet the TD gave me (and a couple of the other bottom runners) a nice disc/gift anyway. This is after they gave away a bunch of prizes to the top players in each division. I thought that was pretty cool.
i totally agree with you give them a choice and it is alwas nice to receive a packet
last tournament the td did the same thing but gave plenty of choice
worst packet i got second in juniors so they walk up to third and let him pick between two disc i got the leftovers
a dx wippet i had been playing for only a little while and it did not become my go disc

Mark Stephens said:
Well, I think that a nice player pack is part of the tournament experience. For tournaments that run I have 4 disc models that the players can choose from. All of the discs are either Z or ESP. I usually have 2 mid-range and 2 drivers. There should be something that you would not mind having or checking with 4 discs and they are premium plastics if you choose to try to trade or sell them.
Not getting one at all, I'm not going to name names or anything but for $30 I should at least get a tournament that is well run. This was a PDGA sanctioned event and was a pitiful excuse for an event. We ended up teeing off about 1/2 hour late and you couldn't put the time in to get some DX Roc's or something???? I will never go to an event run buy this guy again.....
It usually doesn't matter what you give out. Somebody will find something to complain about. the next guy will say it was a great idea. What I hate is when they take money from your entry for your players pack. that sucks. Taking away money from the payout so everybody gets something. that is the same shizzz nowdays with every kid that tries out for little league makes the team. Bullcrap. Want to be in the "cash". Practice or bag in a lower division. Also depending on the tier of the tourney the PDGA requires dollar amounts for said players packs. Coozies, lighters, plastic bottles, towels, and t-shirts with either the club name or the tourney name are always great player packs in my opinion. I would have to say the worst player pack I got would have to be a lid. I still use it to this day but, I could buy it for like $7, if I really needed it.
I guess I just look at it like this, not every event is going to be run perfectly, it is not a perfect world. If I pay $30-75 I am going to make the most of it and not let something little like a players pack piss me off. When I used to ball golf I would pay $20-60 per round, and all I got was a cart rental and lost golf balls. I can go play free rounds of dg all week, every week, then pay to play in a tournament. At least at a tournament event you have a chance to win something for a good round, if you don't, then it was a learning experience, better luck next time.
I don't even know what a good players pack is. The only thing I've ever gotten was a mini. I really don't care about the players pack. I'm just there to have fun.
you said it mike, anything would be better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Put it up on e-bay if you don't like it or better yet give it to a new player and let them try it. I never heard more complaints.
A small tank top and a pink mini !!!!! I did give it to a cute girl and she bought me lunch , so not a bad trade !!!!!

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