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Freekin' Cripes! I thought I was doing really well with sticking with the same core discs and getting to know them. Today was the worst day yet. I am getting so much more arm speed and snap this last week that ALL of my Dependable, Reliable drivers are turning over. Played the worst round in a LONG time today cause Everything flipped, and I mean FLIPPED. Guess I am gonna have to search for some drivers that are a bit more stable. Damn. I was SO Stoked I finally threw my Surge SS well over 300ft. Today it went about 360ft into the WRONG fairway cause it turned over so far. 


Anyone else just have their new found Snappy Power come ALL OF A SUDDEN?

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You're rolling your wrist. Try a little more hyzer.


Wish that was the case! I had the guys in the group I played with today watch me while I Hyzer Flipped my Surge SS, which was the most stable disc in my bag, into a Anhyzer nightmare. The kept an eye on me and said it wasn't my release.
Grab a NUKE or a Beast. NOT a NUKE SS.
lol exactly. Surge SS isn't very stable! I wouldn't go up to a Nuke quite yet...but there's lots between

Other than a couple of 13 speed drivers that are meathook stable, I could turn and burn every disc in my current bag. I have been able to burn them for a while now, but I keep playing with them. There is a lot to learn from figuring out how to throw a disc to it's max potential. Just hyzer flipping a disc on a hard rip and getting out of it what you can and then moving on to more stable discs isn't always the way to go.




175g Monarch

This was the first disc that helped me break the 300ft barrier. I loved this disc, and then it started to flip on me as I started to get real regular out to the 320-330ft mark. The disc is reported to be able to get out to the 500ft mark in an experts hands. Why was i not able to bust it out that far, not even close. What is that an expert can do that keeps the disc from crash and burning. What I found out was is that I was throwing far, but I wasn't smooth at getting to that distance or picking the right line and apex.


I start pulling through smoother with the hyzer flip and getting my elbow further toward the target before the hit and was getiing more distance but the disc was acting stable again. I kept the new smooth motion and stopped hyzer flipping it and bam, I was out to 360+ throwing flat. I started increasing my body rotational speed with the new flat pull and I started to flip the disc again. I kept the new smooth long pull with the quicker body rotation and added the hyzer flip back in and wouldn't you know it, I was getting out to that 380ft mark.


By adding, and taking away, and adding pieces back in I was able to improve my game by just trying to figure out how to get my Monarch out toward the outer limits of it flight capabilities. Step by step, going slow, I was able to build the capability to recognize after a few throws what it will take to throw a disc when I purchase a new mold.


I am still throwing the Monarch, and I'm not hitting the 500ft mark yet, but I can get it out past 400' with enough room on a big flex shot. Its usable window for me without being super smooth is 350ft with the wind at my back. It is also becoming a nice backhand roller option for me, but I'm still working on that part of my game. I know what I can do with this disc, I took the time and earned it.


Your Surge SS is considerably more stable than mine out to the 500ft mark, It would be interesting to see how far you can learn to get it to go, and what it teaches you along the way. Then relate what you learn to a Vulcan and see if you can hit the 500+ mark. Man, you'll be smooth as butter by then.


Just a thought brother.

It was just before I started throwing a firebird...that fixed me, of course I also didn't learn how to throw understable plastic for a couple of years because of the change.  I recommend learning how to throw a good hyzer flip (something I'm still working on).  If you can make your understable plastic go left you know you have good control.

Thanks for the comments y'all. I appreciate the feedback. I re-read my initial post and realized it does sound like I am ditching my bag and starting anew, but I am not. I have worked REALLY hard to get the discs I have to work for me. I guess I just want to try throwing a bit more stable plastic and see what happens. EVEYTHING IN MY BAG is Understable, to say the least. I LOVE the discs I have worked with and feel good about what I can do with them thus far. 

I am VERY MUCH still learning. I have come quite far in my techniques in the past few months. I have learned new things that have made certain discs that I never thought I would use much very multi purpose. One of my Favorite discs now is the Discraft Elite X Stratus. About the most Understable disc you can get. Makes an Awesome Roller. But, the surprise in it came for me when I spent time learning to hyzer flip it and it became a viable 300ft anhyzer disc for me. I do see what y'all are getting at. :) I don't put things into words very well. Lol.

The thing that has caught me completely off guard is that this power, snap, and distance that I have been working on attaining has Literally shown up in a couple days. Not that I am throwing HUGE or anything. BUT, the fact that about a week ago I was LUCKY to throw 290ft and today I throw a 340ft+ drive with the same discs is really weird. I don't get it. I feel smoother in my drives and throwing in general than in the past. I'll say that. But other than a grip change and a Buttload of practice, nothing else has really changed. Has anyone else had their throw, distance, snap, etc. improve all of a sudden?  

Maybe I am being to analytical..... But, I always wonder what made me improve so I can Keep Improving. 

Thanks again for the responses Y'all. :)


Getting behind the disc on my throw was the biggest out of the blue boost to my driving distance and control. I was throwing to the 350' mark with what i thought was a good rip. Then someone helped me to get my left side to follow my throw around sooner and get behind the disc. It freed me up to pull with so much more ease that distance jumped quickly. More importantly, I could maintain accuracy at much longer distances, make longer turnover shots, and finally hit the big flex shot from a higher arm slot that I was missing.
Good to know, and congrats.  I'm really hoping tomorrow the same thing happens to me.  That said, adding overstable plastic can expand your game too.
Yeah sounds like you not smooth enough and your torquing/jerking the disc over. I used to do this and got big distance hyzerflips but had little control of the amount of Flip I got. I now throw a smooth release hyzerflip and it just pops up flat maybe a little annie then flies nice and straight
OKAY. Your describing what I think I am feeling Dook. I thought about this A LOT last night trying to figure out what has changed and your describing what I think I am feeling. It feels like I am releasing the disc with my torso more facing the target than at 90 degrees to it. Arm speed feels faster and my follow through is MUCH more prevalent. I think you just told me whats going on to a degree. Thank You!

That resistance band should come with a warning...  ;-)


(inside joke)

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