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when and how did u find out about disc golf?
for me i work for the CITY OF FORT WORTH and i had a work order to put post and cable up around the parking lot of ZBOAZ disc golf course to keep people from driving out on the the course, and there just happend to be a few guys out playing so i went bought a disc and been playing for 5 months now.

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Sept. 13th, '08. I suck. Learning though.
My dad and I used to play every couple months or so about 10 years ago. And with school, military, work, wife and such never really missed it. Then in July of 08 I was at the local play it again sports trying to sell a surf board. And saw a whole wall of disc. Asked the sales person in there was a course here in Wilmington, because I've lived here for six years and never saw one. Well of course we had one and I bought three disc right there. The next day went out to the course and had my ass handed to me. Been playing every day since. I love it. Just shot my best round of -5 yesterday.
I started playing back in 96 while attending college at Humboldt State University in Northern California. There is an object course behind the school in the redwood forest. I really enjoyed the game, but didn't play after I graduated and moved back to SoCal. Finally bought some used discs off eBay a few years back and convinced a friend to go out with me to a local park where we made an object course. We both had such a good time, we looked on-line for local courses and started playing regularly. Now I'm bummed I didn't keep playing after college and am trying to make up for lost time :) I love the game, especially the fact that when I'm in the zone there is nothing else I am thinking about.
During the Bush administration
I never know how to answer this. In '88 or '89 I worked in a pizza parlor while I was in college, and some of the guys who worked there invited me to play at Albert-Oakland. I was horrible, and they made fun of me all day. I was bad enough that I never got invited to play again. I went back a handful of times because...well, I had bought a Phantom + and sometimes I'd get bored and go play a round. I was so terrible that it never crossed my mind to play in an event. When I graduated and moved to St. Louis, I lived three minutes from Creve Coeur Lake Park and played there a few times. After a few months it flooded, and I didn't know of any other course in the area. That and I was still showing no aptitude for the sport at all, so I just forgot about it. The Phantom + was still in the trunk of my Ford Maverick when I sold it.

Then in '95 I interviewed for a job with a parks department that had a course. When they asked me if I knew about the sport, I lied and and acted like I was Mr. Disc Golf. The trick question they had was what my favorite disc was, to which I answered with the only disc name I knew, "Phantom +." By then it was OOP, and I guess that proved I was a for-real disc golf guy because I got the job. Part of my job was to sell discs, run leagues and tournaments and basically be in charge at that course, and it was pretty clear to me early on that if I didn't put some work into understanding the disc golf guys that I was going to be in for it. I started playing and got more involved in the sport basically to gain enough respect from those guys that they would pay attention to me. I must have gotten the bug somewhere along the line, as I left that job a decade ago but I still play. I'm still horrible, BTW.

So I guess I could say I started playing in '88 or '89, but that's not really very accurate. I usually say I started playing around '95.
Almost exactly a year ago a friend of mine and I were at a Ministers Conf. at Lake Cumberland Resort in Ky. There is a small but very nice par 3 course there. He had a few discs in his trunk. We played some. I also bought my first disc that day. Hooked ever since.
2004 did what most newbies did and played with a beach frisbee untill a couple of vets saw us and gave us a couple of there old discs from there bag and said that they would work better. I will never forget that and they were right hooked ever since. I can remember when we seen a family playing with a beach disc, me and my brother went up to them and tossed them a few discs. I know that made there day. So if you see a family or whoever playing with a beach disc toss em a disc because you know you find em daily. God a love this sport!
1978 with 165 gram frisbees, Brewer Park, Grand Rapids Michigan.
I started playing at Swope Park in Kansas City. During the summer of 1977, myself and 3 fellow art school students regularly scheduled siestas from our daily routine of painting houses. We would start work by 7:30am so we could break from the heat of the day during the hours of 11:30 - 2:30. When we took those breaks, we often headed to Swope Park for a round of cooling and comforting disc golf, played with our HUGE Whamo frisbees. If we were too far from Swope for play during our mid day break, we would appoint a weekly foreman. His duties were two fold. First he was to decide just what evening we visited Swope Park for disc golf, and more importantly, followed by the disc golf was a trip to Dairy Queen for Peanut Buster Parfaits (paying for the round of desserts was the weekly foreman's main responsibility). If it weren't for Dairy Queen, I may not be playing disc golf today.

September, 1988 while watching a Nascar race at my older brother's house, one of the guys he worked with called and wanted to know if we wanted to play some frisbee golf?
My older brother had played a few times but I had never heard of it and told him I thought it sounded goofy, but I'd go along, I had nothing else to do that day.
So, when the race was over, we went over to one of three courses in DFW at the time, Jimmy Porter and I wasn't bad, but by no means was I good.
They let me borrow discs and it was only a couple days before I bought my own and have been playing ever since.
Now, some people probably call me goofy, but Jimmy-Crack-Corn.
I found out about it about 6 years ago, a friend of mine was playing almost every day in Midland, MI. I invited myself along and picked up a DX Shark on the way. Loved it, and play it all the time. I even started a disc golf team at the high school I teach for,
First played in undergrad, two semesters, then 15 years later I found myself friends with a golfer. We hit a course once or twice, then I dug up my old Long Ranger, Maverick and first run XD I had fatefully carried with me from every "home" I've had since '93. So, my restart date would be Summer 2006, by the time Christmas 2006 rolled around, I had bought my first bag and some new plastic. By New Years, I was hooked, for good.

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