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Where did you first learn to play disc golf? How long ago was that? I learned about the sport in 1993. North Bend, Oregon. Little 9 hole 2 pad PuttPutt course. We used to play doubles for dollars back in the day instead of going to high school.

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Well, I can't say i've learned yet. I'm a noob, just discovered the sport August of this year, and wish i had 10 yrs ago. L.L.Woods Lewisville, TX was my first course and my closest to home course, and i used to wonder why there were so many trees. Since, i've played many other courses and now realize how foolish i was to think L.L. Woods had a lot of trees. I already own 20+ discs, play 3-5 times a week and hooked like crack-rock, whatever that means.
I first started playing at Cass Benton, Northville, MI in 2005.
Still learning every time I step on the course.
I learned this April at Coldbrook in Climax, MI. It was a large group and I was a bit embarrassed to throw since I didn't really know what I was getting myself into. I did go from throwing a 35 foot drive straight into some trees to being able to moderately keep it in the fairway. I was taught forehand and now I drive backhand. I can't wait til winter ends and spring begins, although I plan to play throughout the seasons.

What hooked me was still my favorite putt to date. Somehow I managed to give myself the best line of the group down a slope in between some trees about 30 to 40 feet I think (at Robert Morris Park). I threw my Avenger because I didn't really know much about midrange or putters and it took a perfect S curve into the basket. The combination of the explosion of the chains with my boyfriend and his friends cheers hooked me forever.
Introduced to the game approx 3 to 4 years ago. We were visiting my better halfs Son in Pyallup (not sure of the spelling :) WA. Took me out to Riverside. I must admit. I was thinking Disc Golf? WTF sounds lame, but I'll give it a try! Hooked ever since. The best part of the day. Was after my drive went about 50 feet or so. He explained how "to throw" a disc. So I let it rip, it tracked pretty straight and the BAM! right in the basket! It was about a 150 foot birdie! The look on his face was priceless.
I started playing in June 2006. A friend from work took me to the Eagle Valley course on USI's (University of Southern Indiana) campus. Soon I was buying my own discs, and the addiction had begun.
Ha! My first time was in 1976 (no typo lol) at Miami Whitewater Forest in Hamilton County OH with a World Class 140 and 165, we played for about 2 years then stopped. In 1987 I worked with a guy that played "real" disc golf, I joined that league and have been carrying a bag ever since.
1978 Brewer Park, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
1989 @ Brandywine state park (DEL ) skipped school and went with a buddy , didnt care for it much then , rediscovered a few yrs after that and im still learning today ,
I have pictures I took of Brandywine from about 7 years ago.
1997 Brown Park, Ann Arbor MI..
Mob golf.. and hood rats ;)
Brewer Park, south of Grand Rapids, MI. I started almost ten years ago; back when brewer had its original arrangement.
LMAO! that's funny.

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