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ok heres whats in my bag right now. in your opinion what would you keep in your bag? and if you have time what would you use each disc for? thanks

  1. Z Nuke 170-172
  2. Z Glo Nuke 167-169
  3. Z Stalker174
  4. Elite X XS173-174
  5. Z XL 170
  6. 2010 Ace Race Hornet 178
  7. Z Buzz 177
  8. Z Wasp 177
  9. Star Destroyer 165
  10. KC Pro Roc 175
  11. Innova Wahoo 168
  12. DX Wraith 171
  13. Star Wraith 162
  14. Millennium Orion LS 170
  15. Lat 64 Opto Blitz 
  16. Lat 64 OptoStriker 172
  17. Lat 64 Opto Core 170
  18. Gateway Blaze 174
  19. Also 3 wizard Putters(s,ss,and Medium stiff)
Just curious to see what would make your bag and what you would use these for,also what you would add to this bag?

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You seem to have a good selection of disc there. Some disc worth trying would be Innova Mako, Innova Sidewinder, and Innova "Pro" Katana.


Here is the disc I use every round, there are a few more I bring on windy days or water courses.

Drivers: Star Sidewinder x2 161g,167g

Pro Katana 167g

Star Katana (Pro Worlds run) 172g

Star Wraith 172g

Mid Range: Star Mako 180g

Star Roc 180g

Esp Hornet 168g

Putters: Omega SS 175g

Omega SS (First Run) not sure on weight 

Pro D Banger GT 175g


Some disc that are almost in the bag


Champ Wraith

Z Glide

Dx Roc


Ya I've thought about the katana but I have so many drivers already! Lol I'm trying to figure out which discs aren't gonna stay in my bag and I'm trying really hard not to buy any more until I do this lol
Go to the course play a round without taking extra shots, after its over you should have about 5 disc that you never used. I had a hard time with this too, when I started I would carry 20 disc, after awhile I figured out that I had 3-4 go-to driver so I pulled out all the extra's. This also greatly improved my game for whatever reason.
What about when you run into a situation where you need that disc you pulled out though? That's a good idea though!

With the disc I listed there is no shot I can't do

Star katana big drives backhand and nice straight forehand shots 

Star wraith (trick disc) grenade, overhand, forehand rollers, and skip shots

Sidewinders big annies, snap rollers, sky rollers, and hzyerflips

Mako Short straight shots and long gliding anhyzers

every thing else is one purpose for the most part. 

Once you learn a few disc you can make them do just about anything you want, Its all about sticking with them and figuring them out.

lets see.   I carry

Star Roc + 180g

Esp Hornet 177g

2 Star Teebirds both 174g ( one is beat up , the other new)

2 Pro Boss's 167g and 170g

1 Star Boss 175g (Roller)

2 Pro Katana's both 175g ( one is beat up, the other new)

1 Star Destroyer ( beat up) 173g

1 Pro Destroyer ( new) 175g

1 Champ Road Runner 175g

1 Champ Valkyrie 175g

1 Champ Sidewinder 175g

1 Pro Wraith 171g

1 Pro Wahoo 169g ( testing it out )

1 KC Pro Aviar 175g

1 Ion putter medium 175g

Really I could drop all except for the boss's, katanna's, teebird's, Roc, and the kc putter.

I just like haveing a little diversity in the bag ,  and backups ,  thats why i have multiples of some discs.

I hear ya hah tell me about your tbirds katanas androad runner. And also how do you like your ion?

I love the Tbirds , I use them for running straight at the pin,  ACE run,  as long as there is a straight shot with not a lot in the way. Or if the hole is 300-325.  My katanna is for my bomb shots,   I can throw pro katannas a mile. I like the Ion for shots that I'm too close for a Roc,   But to long to just take a normal putt at,  also,  I like the soft Ion in the winter,  because it gets stiff and feels kinda like my kc pro aviar does in the middle of summer.      The road runner will get used if I need something to anny right out of my hand,  or I can throw it with hyzer and watch it flip over to annhyzer.   roadrunner i could do without ,  because i can make a lot of disc anny.


my bag changes depending on the course,but there are certain discs that never leave the bag

158 r pro boss

168 sparkle force

150 z flick

176 z glide

167 z stalker

177 buzzz x2 either 2 z or a z and a flx for winter golf

173 z comet

173 z wasp

174 hpp demon

177 se/pro rhyno x2

175 ss voodoo/magic

I must also say a very good choice of discs there,i could play with your bag easily might add a star leapord,but thats just my favorite disc.


I carry three ESP Forces an ESP Tracker and a Z or ESP XL for my drivers. I have a FLX Drone, ESP Wasp, Z Buzzz, Sparkle Z Buzzz SS and a Pro D Challenger. Add two Pro D challengers for putting only. I could play with a Force, a Buzzz and a Challenger and shoot about the same as with my whole bag.


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