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When at a tournament:

Do you prefer a mixed field of pros and ams. Respectively playing in divisions.

The pro groups on the course with am groups...

or an all PRO event and conversely an all AM event.

Logistically both are as difficult to run,

But it is easier to manage (when one all am or pro) in speed of play, payouts are easier.... there are advantages and disadvantages.

When the course is defined: it can be extra long, more difficult, easier, or any that you choose.

The pros don't need to play the am layout or ams the pro layout.

The ams won't slow down play because of skill level, no major backups.

Also most likely the groups can be smaller. Which is great to have groups of three instead of five.

What do you think?

Sanctioned of non-sanctioned.



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Really like it when there are 2 courses available, one with the ams on it and pros on the other for one day.

Then the next day they switch courses. 

Lots of work, but the exposure is good.

No need to hit sponsors twice, and an ability to get more.

My thots are that it's good to have am tourneys either with or without the pros,   to encourage am i think it would be wise to allow the ams to collect their prizes in cash up to a max limit of $1000 or $750 a year.   they hit that number and they're done winning for the year.  I think lots of am's stay away because all they can win is plastic.   just my humble opinion.

I prefer a sanctioned tournament with low entry fees.  I figure if the denominator is small enough, I won't play well and be pissed off about the numerator. 

I've only played one tourney and that was in the Int division.  I liked that the pros were there at the same time because it meant that I could come off my round and then watch the killers out there as their tee times were later.  I 'cashed' as 5th of 9 in the division.  I don't think this should really happy.   If you're playing am, trophy only and perhaps a player's pack tshirt.  If you want to win something, play a pro division.  I like that the NTs are Pro and Adv only.  I know that a one big happy family of disc golf feeling is often encouraged, but at larger events I think it's important to only have the best out there.  This will be extremely unpopular but I don't think larger tourneys should have age divisions either.  It's hard to hold the game in high esteem when you see that a 70 year old won their division with a score that's 50 strokes worse than the open winner and is still considered a champion.

Is your space modulator broken?

Seen ams after the tournament trade and sell their plastic.

The only time I've seen mixed group play was at a ladys tourney, and it was really cool. 1 pro, 1 Adv Am, 1 Interm, and 1 Junior. It was very supportive, and the Interm and the Junior (My Daughter) had a fantastic round with a quality of player they would normally miss out on.


That said. I couldn't see this working at a mens tourney, too competitive. The lower level players would feel awkward, and the upper level players would get frustrated. Our monthlys have just about every level and they keep us seperated because as the Pros put it "We don't want you slowing us down or throwing off our game, we have money on the line".


The tourneys that I've been to, the Pros barely aknowledge that the Ams are even there. They hang out in their own group, if they hang out at all. I wonder if thats do to the entrance fees of the Ams being used to pad the Pro purses at the tourneys I went to and the Pros where embarrased by that.


1. Ams one weekend, Pros the next

2. Ams on one course, Pros on another

3. Last resort- Mixed groups of Ams and Pros.

You know what, don't get me wrong. I would love to play on a Pro Card and really get a good look at the sport compared to the game that I put out there. But lets be honest, a pro isn't going to want to put up with me pulling his game down while he's trying to compete.

I have always loved mixed cards, even when I get carded with novice or Jrs. Let Pro's play other pro's. Mix Novice(rec.) Int. Ams and Advanced Ams. Don't make the women div's play with Jrs, it's not fair to them and it will slow down the whole event. I see this happen at way to many events.

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