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disc golf or ball golf
imo ball golf is much harder because there are so many more factors affecting your game like landing in heavy grass, wind, the way you swing the club. thats just what i think i play both and get equal enjoyment. what do you think

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Ball golf is harder yes, but I think disc golf is way more fun. Its also cheaper, and the people are less snobby.
i think they are equal in toughness and in factors effecting your game.
yes there are snobby golfers lol i met some but not all remember there are rude disc golfers too disc golf is a more friend oriented game if your friends are new to golf and try to play with you it will be the worst day of their lives disc golf you can suck and still have fun hahaha
There is not really a harder game. They both have their challenges. Disc golf just feels more relaxed then ball golf.
disc golf much easier but way more fun ......... who need the aggravation of paying huge monies to hit a little ball into a small hole? ............ ball courses can be very visually beautiful but so can a disc courses ........... long live disc golf
I think the learning curve is much flatter in ball golf. It takes less time to become a competent disc golfer than an equally competent ball golfer. This could be because most of us grew up playing frisbee before we started playing disc golf. Both sports are impossible for me to master! I enjoy league night every week in both sports.
Anyone out there shot par much less under par in ball golf?????? I haven't yet and I'm still trying after 35 years of playing. Miss a three footer? D'oh! WAY HARDER!! I keep playing though. Cool to see a ball driven 300 yards and an approach shot stuck on the green tight to the hole!
Most of us are playing par 3 disc golf which can't compare with par 72 ball golf. If we were regularly playing 12,000 ft courses, you would see scores by our amateurs equivalent to BG amateurs with breaking 100 an accomplishment.
Disc Golf ( for myself ) is much easier and cheaper. I was at one time a 15 handicap , just barley in the 80's and I thought that was great !!! I'm usually under par in Disc Golf.

I have played Disc Golf on a par 72 course as well ( Mission Trails Golf Course , San Diego , CA .) for anyone who has ever played there. I wish it was still in the ground. A few of the holes were over 1000+ feet , par 4 and par 5's .
I do think ball golf is tougher to learn, but I love them both.
Having played both. I would have to say ball golf is much harder than disc golf hands down. Both have ther difficulties, but the margin for error is just a fraction of an inch in ball golf. But If I had to choose one or the other. No question disc golf all the way!!
Disc golf is more attractive to watch. You can't see the spin of a small white ball, but you can see the rotation of most discs, and definitely the path that they take from your hand to the ground. Putting is hard in disc golf, but even more complicated in ball golf.

When disc golf gets better film coverage I think we'll start to see the new technologies incorporated like in other sports.

ex: - the digital tracer that shows the exact line that the ball followed in ball golf, which is still new to that sport.

Who knows, maybe even micro chips in the discs?

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