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Today I was out playing a round with two other guys. It was a beautiful fall day here in Sarasota. A little while into the round, as the three of us were about to putt, We hear a driver plop down behind us, someone shouting out "all clear" and a little kid shouting "heads up fellas". So we finish that hole, chalking it up to ignorance. A few holes later, as one of the other two guys in my group was taking a moment to scope out how he wanted to make his approach shot, another shout "Hey do you need a reason"  After a brief verbal back and forth, we encouraged the schmucks to go ahead and play on through. In the process, the kid who was with the group picked up one of our guy's drivers from where it laid ( remember the A-Holes decided to take up their little beef  right after we had driven). He asked if it was any of our's I asked the kid of it was his, he said no, I said "then you should probably put it right back where you found it". His dad, or older brother or whoever, told him, "Don't do that, you got in trouble for that earlier". I am a step father myself & I take the little one's manners seriously. You can't really blame the kid for his ignorance but It's a little sad seeing the example that guy was setting for the kid. Had their group called out and asked if we minded if they play on through once we had all made our putts, it would have been way better received by the three of us and there wouldn't have been any conflict or hard feelings. I guess in some cases ego and self importance win out over treating others with respect.WTF?

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takes all kinds of people, but we are still a growing sport.
Last week a guy at league was warming up and someone walked off the course, taking his putter off the table practically right behind him- and got away with it. Didn't say hey is this yours or nothing. Drove away with a free disc.
What can you do? Some people are just wired wrong. Thank God it's only happened a few times too me. Funny thing is, it's been at the same course and that's why I seldom play there. I won't mention the name of the course, but it's in a park that has the same name of a famous bridge in San Francisco :)~ Having said that, a couple times out of the hundreds of times I've played there, is pretty darn good. Finally, life is short. So don't waste your time or angst on people that will never change.
I left a disc behind a (blue champion Boss)one time was on my way back to get it and the group behind us was throwing off the tee. one of the guys threw two blue discs and i noticed my stamp on the bottom. I asked him if he found my blue champ boss and he said no. I told him i just saw you throw it went over and picked it up and left.
Most of the people that I have seen play are good people but I have run into a few thieves and Aceholes. I also wish people would not throw their trash on the course
There is a course sort of near me. Really a super open course. Its one of the very few that I will take my daughters ( 5 and 8) to. There isn't any thorns or dangerous areas for them to get in to. Any ways, when we play there it takes forever. We let groups go around, stop to watch others throw. Just try to stay out of the way. Well we were actually moving pretty good but a couple of older teens kept creeping up behind us. At one point they threw while my oldest was putting and the little one was standing in front of me. Just in case and bam lands a few feet behind me. I whip around and inform them that its the one time I will let it go. We skip several holes so that the girls were not pressured to go too fast. 3 more holes goes by and bam again. this time hitting my foot. If I was alone it wouldn't have pissed me off so bad, BUT I picked it up and fully drove it back at him. They start complaining and come running towards me. They were brave as could be till they got face to face with me. Once they realized how much bigger than them I was they Stooped down and apologized to my little one. So Maybe they learned a good lesson by it. maybe not.
I should add that in no way am I an angry or hateful person. But my kids were with me and I really don't take kindly to them getting hurt cuz of ignorance. Following that I told my girls how I was wrong in that instance.
Some one did that to me. Only it was two putters and one was my first ace disc.
I have no patience for people who throw on you. I will immediately inform them that they need to wait until our group finishes the hole. Too many idiots in the world. I would have done exactly the same thing as you did.
Dude, I'm as mellow as they get, but you mess with my kid. It's a different story. Man, Charlie Manson would seem like a well adjusted person. All bets are off when it comes to a persons children.
A friend of mine had a ritual for when a disc would land at his feet without a 'Fore'. He would pick it up and tear it in half and throw the parts in two different directions and say 'Whoops'.

Of course, being 6'3" 275 didn't hurt either.
Monster and Rescue you should consider joining Adam Sinkus group Parents with kids that disc golf.
I've been playing since July and haven't seen any examples of really bad mannors at the Disc Golf course. Which is amassing considering how often I encounter them everywhere else.

When cought by another group from behind we always ask if they want to join us or play through. I've met and played disc golf with some great people this way.

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