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Today I was out playing a round with two other guys. It was a beautiful fall day here in Sarasota. A little while into the round, as the three of us were about to putt, We hear a driver plop down behind us, someone shouting out "all clear" and a little kid shouting "heads up fellas". So we finish that hole, chalking it up to ignorance. A few holes later, as one of the other two guys in my group was taking a moment to scope out how he wanted to make his approach shot, another shout "Hey do you need a reason"  After a brief verbal back and forth, we encouraged the schmucks to go ahead and play on through. In the process, the kid who was with the group picked up one of our guy's drivers from where it laid ( remember the A-Holes decided to take up their little beef  right after we had driven). He asked if it was any of our's I asked the kid of it was his, he said no, I said "then you should probably put it right back where you found it". His dad, or older brother or whoever, told him, "Don't do that, you got in trouble for that earlier". I am a step father myself & I take the little one's manners seriously. You can't really blame the kid for his ignorance but It's a little sad seeing the example that guy was setting for the kid. Had their group called out and asked if we minded if they play on through once we had all made our putts, it would have been way better received by the three of us and there wouldn't have been any conflict or hard feelings. I guess in some cases ego and self importance win out over treating others with respect.WTF?

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Were they Sky pilots?
If by Sky Pilots do you mean religous nut jobs? No. A few of them were Space Cadets however.
Sorry Mike ,I'll be more clear The Sky pilots are Sarasota's disc golf club.I was wondering if the group were club members.
Watertower park is in a bad area.Its sometimes a little scary there.Conflict/respect/safety have to be judged case by case.
I played in a tournament once where a kid walked over and snagged a disc. The guy I was playing with got his disc back, but he was pretty pissed.

I can understand when a non-player does it, but not for someone in the sport.
Our game has the participation equivalency to a college that accepts high school drop outs; you take the good with the bad and hope the bad eggs find their way out so not to drag down the overall quality of the student body...that's what you get when you have a game that anyone can play cheaply...
.."a little scary"...keeps one on their toes when playing at waterTower.
Any activity in a public space has to be safe for participants and passer bys. These discs hurt! The basic etiquete needs to be SAFETY! Don't throw near anyone!!!! This needs to be communicated to all that play. Pass it on.
The basic etiquette needs to be "If you are a dumbass stay away from the course". Too many people that don't have a clue and they are dangerous from the minute they step foot on the course. Or they are out there throwing their trash everywhere and breaking down trees. Maybe I should start carrying a tazer.

Ryan, you are 100% correct about the free nature of disc golf and what comes with that. Every time I go out to Cottonwood I just hope that the good is outweighing the bad (and the dumbasses). Usually it is but there have been some days when you wonder if inbreeding might be taking over.
Well, I don't know who all the Sky Pilots members are, One guy, who looks a-lot like one of the people on the Sky Pilot's site, was with them, ( pretty unique looking fellow) was with the group. I have no idea of whether it was the same guy, and he wasn't the one talking smack, so for all I know it was as much a shock to him as it was us. If I did know who they were I wouldn't feel it would be good Karma to out them personally online. Even if they were, and felt we were mucking up their practice on the course that they basically created, there was still a wayyyy more polite way to handle things.
I had a hooker proposition me on hole Number 5 there last Thursday. Ironicaally, after I expressed that I was just there to play disc golf, I heard her Pimp yelling at her saying "That guy is married!! etc. etc. He must have seen my wedding band, but I never guessed that marriage would fall into a Pimp's code of ethics.. Go figure.
Bahahahhahahaha !!! That's funny... but, he was probably referring to being married = No money...but ya never know.

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