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Is disc golf really a sport, or is it just a novel recreation at schools and public parks? Disc golf is the only “Sport” I know of where the amateurs and club volunteers donate to clubs to run PDGA Sanctioned Professional Disc Golf Tournaments. All other sports that I know of have Vendors as the primary sponsor, and they PAY the people that help to run the tournament.

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Where's the biggest PDGA Tournament, with what sponosor?
USDGC of course.
It only makes sense doesn't it?
They use Innova employees and volunteers.
Big payout, big players, big sponsors.....
Lots of attention, remember the Big Webcast?
yes, the webcast was a camera on either the 17th or 18th holes only!
They had more cameras and planned to do more, but this was a first attempt and a few things went wrong. It was very successful considering, and once they get the bugs fixed you will have more holes, angles and comments. It was set up to be much more...the robots just failed.
I was there and talked to people back home that were following it on the computer. They liked it and even mentioned seeing me on camera! (Busted). Give them some time & support to get it right! USDGC Rocks!!!

The PGA is the same way. When the had the PGA Championship over here in S.F. CA. It was hosted at the Olympic CLUB and they had tons of volunteers, because it was a free opportunity to see the greatest golfers in the world for free. Their draw is just bigger, but I agree with you on the sponsor thing. We need more sponsors to help the sport grow.
Have you spoken to those volunteers? I volunteered to help with a PGA tournament, and they paid me $200 for it. I admit the $200 check was a surprise, because I was a vounteer!
You guys lucked out. I worked our companies first aid station. Got paid $00. Mind you it was over 20yrs ago.
Have a friend that works the Players in Jacksonville every year.
He sits on the same spot every year.
You should see the schwag package that is given to the volunteers, along with free food, all access pass....
pretty cool.
I would bet officially it was called a per diem...or an expense voucher/reimbursement...that way they have no official employee expense costs...liability is waived...you get tax free compensation...they save money on overhead in the long run. Win-win for both the volunteer and the entity running the event.
Yes, disc golf is really a sport, and there are plenty of other sports that have lots of volunteers running events. Those events, however, are mostly amateur events, or events where the great majority of participants do not expect to recoup their entry fee - like running events.

Since the points one gets for participating in PDGA events do not mean a whole lot, and since the PDGA mandates that the purse equals at least the amount of entry fees, there is not much room to pay someone to run the event. If people had the mindset of, "I would PAY to participate in a well-run tournament on a well-groomed course" instead of "I would like to see the purse as large as possible", we might more tournaments that are more enjoyable to participate.
can you imagine the cost of paying to run all these events every year?? Paying staff?? The sport would crash (except for us hardcores) but still. Who would pay for all of this??
How does the 'surfing, skateboard, x-games do it?'
Merchandising, marketing, sponsorship.
Financial backing. It has to come from somewhere.
Right now it's from disc golf 'products.'
Discs and accessories and a few charitable donations.
The deal is that no one wants to volunteer, they all want to participate.
A few do everything.
Still run your small home events.
That's Pretty much it !!!!
Alot of Chiefs and no Indian warriors. It does take alot of personal effort to do Fundraising ( Which I Currently do for our Club www.sandiegoaces.com ) to raise funds for Tournaments and to Build more courses.


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