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I have been playing disc golf for 27 years now and I like to bring my own style to the game. When I started playing, it was on a course that we made up in Ames, Iowa at a park called the Arboretum. We played with the old Whamo 165 gram discs and our course was all objects. We had one par 2 and a par 5 with an alternate route. Fence posts, manhole covers and trees were the rest of our targets. I am definitely old school. My question is this, "Why do people constantly try to tell me that I must putt with a putter?" When I took up disc golf on a real course I had to determine which discs I liked and which did not work for me. I have been playing disc golf on courses for the past 14 years and I now know which discs appeal to me. My bag has only drivers. A midrange is just a driver that is thrown at a slower speed and a putter is a driver that goes in the hole. I know that by saying this I will probably get slammed by angry responses, because I find a lot of people who don't have open minds and don't want to accept anything different. Yet I see people do all kinds of different shots every day and I don't question their methods. The key to my method is speed and distance. Know your discs and know how to throw them. Putting is really in the mind more than in the hand. If you want to make that putt you will make it. Just do it! And stop hassling other people who do things differently than you.

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Weirdo. (joke)
I would encourage it, especially if your are my opponent!
This aint no joke. I will gladly challenge you to a putting contest for money. As I said you are only proving my point. You are just afraid that I might be right! Show me one scientific study that says anything one way or another. There aren't any. Close minded people.
to each his own. i club up if its windy or if its long.
just get em in the tub .......... any old disc will do
My opinion is you're taking other peoples opinion too seriously.
This is easy, stick with what works for you.
Lighten up Clarence!
I shoot with a guy 3 or 4 times a week that ( in his opinion) has about 15 putters in his bag which consist of all drivers - hahaha - and it makes no difference to me. Personally i hate it when when people get on their soap box about throwing rollers. Just get it in the basket consistantly however that may be!
Just use the round one.
I do take things pretty lightly and I do just have a love for the game. People who know me know what I throw and what I am all about. It's just that about once a year, someone will try to convince me of the error of my ways and I will have to listen to the little speech that I have heard so many times before (Drivers don't stick, etc., etc.). And I am truly amused at just how angry these folks will get when I do not agree with their point of view. As I said I am old school and I bring a different mentality to the game. Some times this mentality works very well and other times it may let me down, but it's me. I love competing and it's not always about winning, but I do enjoy winning sometimes. I just love going for it.
The old roller complaint, "That's cheating"!...(I had the same complaint until I learned how to roll a disc lol ).
For some reason your comment reminded me of when I bought my current Aviar. I wanted to learn the disc and break it in, met with 3 friends at a course and carried only that one Aviar. I won that round of golf.
Use what ever you want. I use a blunt gumbputt and I always here how "that thing shouldn't be allowed" I just laugh as it climbs over the rim on a lower than expected putt.

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