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I have been playing disc golf for 27 years now and I like to bring my own style to the game. When I started playing, it was on a course that we made up in Ames, Iowa at a park called the Arboretum. We played with the old Whamo 165 gram discs and our course was all objects. We had one par 2 and a par 5 with an alternate route. Fence posts, manhole covers and trees were the rest of our targets. I am definitely old school. My question is this, "Why do people constantly try to tell me that I must putt with a putter?" When I took up disc golf on a real course I had to determine which discs I liked and which did not work for me. I have been playing disc golf on courses for the past 14 years and I now know which discs appeal to me. My bag has only drivers. A midrange is just a driver that is thrown at a slower speed and a putter is a driver that goes in the hole. I know that by saying this I will probably get slammed by angry responses, because I find a lot of people who don't have open minds and don't want to accept anything different. Yet I see people do all kinds of different shots every day and I don't question their methods. The key to my method is speed and distance. Know your discs and know how to throw them. Putting is really in the mind more than in the hand. If you want to make that putt you will make it. Just do it! And stop hassling other people who do things differently than you.

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What do you use?
I can't help but hassle my lil brother for doing this except he only uses 1 disc, which is an Innova Leopard. I only do this because I want him to get better. I couldn't tell you why, but he likes it. To each his own!! :) There is probably more surface area in a putter, or even midrange for that matter to grab the chains but good luck! Think positive and throw negative.
Blow fly is the same disc as the blunt gumbputt, I practice with both at home. good choice!
But Chad's Blowfly is pink with Hello Kitty on it. That's why he gets insulted.
Having the "it is what it is" mentality, this is the direction I tend to lean towards:

If you're driving with it, it's a driver.
If your putting with it, it's a putter.

It really makes no difference what disc is in your hand, it's what you do with it. Just keep ringing the chains.
The only time I ever try to offer advice is to a beginner. These players often only have one disc and it is usually a driver. They drive, approach and putt with it, and with little success.So I might say something like: You should try getting a mid-range and a putter. As for a seasoned golfer with a bag full of drivers, to each his own. I also always tell new golfers to do what feels comfortable in disc golf. Gradually work your way to new shots and discs and never over complicate the game. So when it comes to a golfer who has played for years and is doing exactly that, I would say kudos to them..... As for why people get offended by someone using driver for a putter; It is probably because they are traditionalists or perfectionists IMO. It just seems wrong to them. They should lighten up and just mind their own game.....
I play a weekly league with a guy that putts with a driver and is pretty good. If that's what works for you that's great. I will say that for me drivers don't work because I tend to putt pretty hard and sharp nosed drivers tend to blow through or spit out for me. My soft Rhyno's do not. To each his own.
Is this a rhetorical question? When you say, "A midrange is just a driver that is thrown at a slower speed and a putter is a driver that goes in the hole." what does that mean?
It means that I use speed and distance to shape my shots, not what some manufacturer tells me is the disc I should throw. If I know that a Banshee will turn at a certain speed then I will use it to go 150 feet and then turn towards the hole. It works for me in a midrange situation. I usually putt with a beat up TeeBird (DX). For me that is my putter. I like a simple, not overly complicated game. I think that the reason that I don't use a traditional putter is that I just do not like that fat lip. It doesn't feel right.
See, its all about feel.... or comfort.... I use a 175gm excalibur for alot of spike hyzer approach shots. I could be throwing a mid-range. I never really even drive with that disc. It is mainly a mid for me...
Who really cares what you use to finish up a hole...if your comfortable with letting your drivers rip at the chains have at it...Putter just make things easier for some people and i don't think i would ever throw one of my drivers into the chains...hey it's your game and your style that's what makes the game so great.

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