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I have been playing disc golf for 27 years now and I like to bring my own style to the game. When I started playing, it was on a course that we made up in Ames, Iowa at a park called the Arboretum. We played with the old Whamo 165 gram discs and our course was all objects. We had one par 2 and a par 5 with an alternate route. Fence posts, manhole covers and trees were the rest of our targets. I am definitely old school. My question is this, "Why do people constantly try to tell me that I must putt with a putter?" When I took up disc golf on a real course I had to determine which discs I liked and which did not work for me. I have been playing disc golf on courses for the past 14 years and I now know which discs appeal to me. My bag has only drivers. A midrange is just a driver that is thrown at a slower speed and a putter is a driver that goes in the hole. I know that by saying this I will probably get slammed by angry responses, because I find a lot of people who don't have open minds and don't want to accept anything different. Yet I see people do all kinds of different shots every day and I don't question their methods. The key to my method is speed and distance. Know your discs and know how to throw them. Putting is really in the mind more than in the hand. If you want to make that putt you will make it. Just do it! And stop hassling other people who do things differently than you.

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I asked some of the same questions of a few people I have seen putting with a driver over the last few years. Their responses usually were about the "feel" of the disc and how it worked for them. The proof is in the pudding! One of these guys was a younger guy who just won his division of a tournament I was at. Can't argue with success!
Do what feels right!
Putters are overated. I just use midranges.
unless I am asked for advice, I don't like to give it. You never know when your 2cents will be offensive. If you were to ask me for some advice on how to get better, putting with a putter instead of a driver is one of the first things I would suggest. To each his own, of course, but.....You don't see world champs using drivers for putting. In my opinion, when it comes to certain things in disc golf, there is a right way and a wrong way( i am not necessarily talking about disc selection, but more about form and technique) . I think peoples preferences and attempts to be different holds them back from improving because they have adapted to what they have been doing and don't like change. It all depends on what your goals are in disc golf. On the same note, Maybe if you hadn't started putting with a driver, you wouldn't be as good a player as you are now.....
well said
IDk i dont...whatever works man!
To your comment about the driver theory. The driver is a fast disc midrange slow the putter slower the super class being the slowest with not how hard you throw them. They are determined by physics The rims are modified to alow air to rush by more which gives it more speed or creates drag which makes it slower. This has nothing to do with your putting with a driver although i think you could be a more skilled player other than that goodluck
back in the day i know people who would putt with sharks or rocs with good success. the only people i see putting with drivers now are kids, beginners or very casual players ( who play golf as an excuse to drink) which is their perogative . although i don't use a driver to putt , the bottom line is "it's not how , it' s how many (strokes)
I putt with a slightly beat up dx shark, it just seems to feel better than my putters do, I use my putters for specific upshots.
Seriously though, you should use a putter. Try a Magic or an XD for a sleeker, low-profile feel.
I putt with an Impact Driver. The ESP plastic holds the chains well. Many years ago, when I started, I used an Omega Supersoft. Later, I used a Rhyno and liked it. I had an Ontario Roc I used for putting after that. If I find a putter that I like better than my Impact, I'll probably go back to a "true" putter (we'll see). I think that consistency, technique, and ability to adjust for wind are much more important than whether the putt disc has a beveled edge or not.
I play with some guys that drive with thier putters, man that kills me.
All the top pro's use drivers to putt with.


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