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I have been playing disc golf for 27 years now and I like to bring my own style to the game. When I started playing, it was on a course that we made up in Ames, Iowa at a park called the Arboretum. We played with the old Whamo 165 gram discs and our course was all objects. We had one par 2 and a par 5 with an alternate route. Fence posts, manhole covers and trees were the rest of our targets. I am definitely old school. My question is this, "Why do people constantly try to tell me that I must putt with a putter?" When I took up disc golf on a real course I had to determine which discs I liked and which did not work for me. I have been playing disc golf on courses for the past 14 years and I now know which discs appeal to me. My bag has only drivers. A midrange is just a driver that is thrown at a slower speed and a putter is a driver that goes in the hole. I know that by saying this I will probably get slammed by angry responses, because I find a lot of people who don't have open minds and don't want to accept anything different. Yet I see people do all kinds of different shots every day and I don't question their methods. The key to my method is speed and distance. Know your discs and know how to throw them. Putting is really in the mind more than in the hand. If you want to make that putt you will make it. Just do it! And stop hassling other people who do things differently than you.

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I putt with what works that day, for a very long time I used an old school cyclone. I think that was the disc that scored more putts for me than any other since. I personally don't think it matters what your opponent uses, just that you do your best to match or do better. I have read a few articles about what putter to use, but if things just aren't working, I know what my favorite driver will do in first 25 or 35 foot of flight. I really work on my putting before a tournament and sometimes my Aviar just won't mind, and I switch to my coyote and wham I'm ready to play. I love making a 45' putt using a Wraith in a head wind, if your confident, you could putt with any disc in your bag and score low. Tell your playing friends that they should worry about how they putt, but if it gets in their heads all the better for you.
Whatever works for you, no one should get angry if you are putting with a driver, unless it's theirs!
I think that people get offended for the same reason that some meat eaters are hostile to vegetarians. Does anyone else notice that? Simply mention that you are vegetarian in a group and chances are, someone will start arguing. The very fact that you do something that is different than what most consider "normal" is a challenge to some. There is an instant need to justify the status quo. Of course, the reason that using a putter is the status quo is that it works. All other things equal, a putter will be less likely to spit out, and more likely to catch an edge and stick. I also think that it's easier to over shoot and/or get a skip when using a driver at short range. I am in no way doubting that you can putt as well as you say though. I also don't think that there is anything "wrong" with any shot with any disc. One of my buddies uses an Avenger on shots where I'd be debating on whether or not to use the putter or the buzzz, and that thing is a scalpel coming out of his hands. I just think that putters are purpose built for a specific shot, and it's a shot that everyone has to make on almost every hole.
I would just like to say that I have seen a lot of excellent responses on this page today. I got out to some fifty degree Colorado weather today and played a round. We had a sixsome and played two groups of 3 (triples). I didn't get to putt too much because my partners would usually sink it (with putters), but I did stick a Star TeeBird in from about twenty-five at the end of the round. I really just try to think one thing while putting and that is see my line and follow through. It really is all about confidence. Colorado rocks! T-shirt in January.
hold on, does a guy named kurt at cottonwood happen to pick at you to get a putter? we should play a round tho...
hey now,what caliber jamie.
THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! I hope you get banned from the PDGA. Why do you think they call it a 'putter!' This may not be a clear rules violation, but is certainly an ethical violation. If I ever catch you putting with a driver on my course I will use my machete on you that I keep in my bag for just such an occassion.
The fact that they say something just indicates that they give a shit.

If they didn't like you, or didn't care, they wouldn't say anything.
I play with my cousin every week and he throw prodominatly overhand, seriously on %95 of shots. I used to give him tons of crap. But he can really put some overhand shots out there 325-350. I agree when it all comes down whatever it takes to get it in the basket. There is no rule that says that you can't put with a driver.
plus people drive with a putter so whats wrong with putting with a driver?
It is true. I also play with a guy who hyzer spikes a champion rhino on almost anything under 350' and he's like a local hero for it. So there's also a double standard. I think its just jealousy
Nice !!!

The key to my method is speed and distance. Know your discs and know how to throw them. Putting is really in the mind more than in the hand. If you want to make that putt you will make it. Just do it! And stop hassling other people who do things differently than you.

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