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I am wondering why people leave their litter all over disc golf courses? I installed a new course at Black Butte Lake (a Federal Park outside Orland CA) last Friday (12/18/09). Yesterday when I went out to meet some Rangers to discuss how things are going so far, I picked up a 6 PACK of Natty Ice, 1 Coors can, a 2 liter soda bottle and an empty bottle of JAGER! All on the first 9 holes! What's up with that? How is it that disc golfers have so little respect for themselves, our courses and other park users? You would think it would be otherwise, but again and again it is proven not to be the case...

Any thoughts?

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I think its a conspiracy of people who hate disc golf!
people just don't have any respect, that is what it boils down to! they honestly don't care.
Here in Michigan most courses it seems to be not such a problem, but there is one particular course that you would think is built on a trash dump.
I have found that the people who are leaving all the trash on the ground are mainly just the people who are out there to party and get a tan. They don't give a crap about the course.
They are also the people who vandalize the course all to hell.
It is hard what to say to do about it you just gotta hope the others who are playing around them look out for the course when you see people acting a fool.
Its a shame isn't it??
Most of the courses i played in Michigan had thrash everywhere knollwood park in Kalamazoo was the worst almost unplayable and a lot of the parks in the area were the same way
Most of the courses in this area are very clean, Rolling Hills, Hudson Mills, Kennsington, Willow, Independence lake, The ponds. There is only one course particularly that I am thinking about and if you are from the area you should know exactly what course I am talking about.
i'm from the Toledo area so I make it up that way once a year or so and yes most of the course in the area your speaking of were well kept
Hopefully at Knollwood...the new regime is going to take care of that problem. In other courses in the area, I find trash cans not dumped could be the problem for trash on the ground. I find alot of coursees have trash cans provided, but dont' dump the trash that's in them. Possibly the reason for accumulated trash elsewhere on the course. JMO.
I think it stupid when i go out to a course and they is stuff all over and all the bums have dumped out all the trash cans on the course to find cans that respectful golfers have thrown a way. it would be nice to have one can for recyclables so if a bum does come by he doesnt just dump the trash everywhere. i know not many states have to worry about things like that but it happens in MI a lot because cans are 10 cents. i also live in a college town so when a bunch of kids who dont go out discing more then once in a great while they dont care about the course and they destroy all of the trash can that are there by kicking them in.
laziness. They figure that someone else will do it. Which we do.
Start using the video function on your cell phones and turn those suckers in.


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