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so bagg taggs rite !!! ive played with golfer that say it's just a tagg but when you have a high number like over 30 and your playin #2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 .and you beat the low number your stoked rite showin your friends look i went from #40 to #3 so why don't they matter ??????????????? i moved from modesto california to s. carolina . when i move here i started with # 44 and now my tagg is #9 and i'm happy with that but i still want the #1 tagg .

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Bag Tags is a privilege to participate in where ever you go !!! It helps players play with others and improves games , sportsmanship and camaraderie.
Getting players to play , in any numbers , is a start !!!!!

Our club has just got our third season of bag tags. We play for all three tags just to keep it interesting, and it is fun to play for somthing like skins almost.
Every monday morning my boss asks me what # I am.
whats a bag tag?
Some clubs sell bag tags as a fund raiser ours are 5 bucks. Our tags are numbered 1-50. Then whenever you play with other tag holders you play for tags. Lowest score takes the lowest number in the group. Makes it interesting, kind of bragging rights. It's fun having a high number and passing it to the low number holders when you beat them. But I'm evil.
You will never see the #1 Tag. I will seek it out, take it and hold on to it FOR-EV-ER
I would hunt you down like cattle and make you play for it hahah. Odds are you wouldn't take my number one tag, and if ýou did and never showed up to defend it I would take it as a sign of weakness.
Importance is up to the individual,if it makes you a better player good for you.But remember, anyone can have a bad round, even bag tag 1.Tournaments are the true measure of a player.If you play tournaments your there to win,that's when you give it your best not 3 beers into a league round. At least that's what I think.
Bagg Taggs don't matter.:)

Sorry, couldn't help myself. :) Competition is what makes us better. It inspires us to practice and makes playing well so much more rewarding. So any type of competition which does those things does matter.

Bag tags have never inspired me. This is no insult to anyone who is inspired. Players have different mindsets and whatever works for someone is whatever works. It is hard to argue with results.

I've had tags from time to time from various clubs so I have tried the process. The problem is they encourage a one-on-one challenge. The greatest problem with a one-on-one challenge is there is usually a better game that can be created with the players at hand. It is a pet theory of mine that a fair game can be created for any group of players. In a fair game, the winner must play well (based on their level) to win. Just being the best player present should not insure an easy path to victory. Being the weakest player should not insure defeat just because they play at their normal level.

I have the same attitude about the game called Wolf. It is not a terrible game. Based on my preferences, it is just inferior to other games, notably Do Run Run.

Many one-on-one challenges (bag tags) are mismatches on paper. Most mismatches don't help either player very much. The good guy believes he will win and usually does. He does not need to play especially well to win. So there is little pressure on him. Playing without pressure does little to improve your game. The weaker guy believes (often subconsciously) he will lose. If a few holes into the match the better player is ahead then the rest of the round is just a walk in the park.

There are an endless number of games that can be created once players start seeking them out and inventing them. Most golfers at most courses will play either singles or best shot doubles. Those games work best when there is closely matched talent.
In the Denver, CO. club, the bag tags are the "main source" of playing, they play 5 nights a week at different area courses for "Bag Tags". Our local club here in Colorado Springs, treat the "bag tags" they sell with membership as a "JOKE", there like a souvenier or trinket. The only reason there's any "bag tag" play at all is that they do pull them from those players who have them at the Summer and Winter Handicap Leagues, other than that our TAGS are useless hunks of metal. I tried to get "Tag Matches" going in the club Summer 2008 but it was a complete failure, RATS. Almost makes me want to move up to Denver! :(

I do agree with most of what Mark E. states but I'll have to differ, when someone wants a "tag match" with me, even though I KNOW there a better player, I do my best to give them a "Hell of game", LOL, at least from my stand point!! I think I player harder for the "TAG" than I would at a tournament, cause I KNOW I don't stand much of a chance at tournament level play, jmho. ;)

Take care, have FUN, Throw Plastic!
B.J. (bogeyman) Ondo
Colorado Springs, CO.
Bag tags matter because enough people think they matter. What Brad and Angelina do matters because enough people think they matter...

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