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Whats up with that. Maybe others just have more money than I do. Ive never thrown a disc and lost it. Ok once, i threw it into the ocean in Hawaii, there was no way to retrieve it. But if you do lose your disc and someone like me finds it I'll call you if you leave your number on your disc. Just wondering if others out there are finding alot of discs with no info.

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Well I've noticed this... I put my name on every disc I own. BUT, I don't throw every disc I own... and if I wouldn't have put my name on it I could have sold or traded them for something I do throw. I have well over 40 discs that I don't throw that are sitting in my garage...

BUT... I do know what you mean about names.... a guy I was playing with found a brand new disc with no name or #. I'd say it's his right? Well... someone posed on PDGA that they lost it... who's right here? I say give it back but who knows how others feel about it.

So, I will continue to put my name, phone # and PDAG # on every disc I buy/win. Even if they sit in the garge.... They feel neked to me without that.
well since there are so many discs the same color and model how can PDGA guy make for sure that it was his/her disc? all my drivers have my # on them with area code included, but my mids(yes i have a few) and my putters all have a symbol on them that i can distinguish as mine. that way if i forget to grab it at the last shot or chain, i can describe it, but if they are completely un-marked then how can someone prove that it was their's to begin with?
One of the nicest things we've found that has happened from having the Throw Shop is that players who find discs at other courses will call the owner and tell them they'll leave the disc with us. Many discs get reunited that way each week. I recommend name, PDGA #, telephone, and email.
He posted the hole he lost it on, color of the disc, make, mold and where he lost it. That's where this other guy found it... but I am with you on "how do you know".
i guess in that circumstance he should get it back. a little reward would be nice and a good incentive though.
I dont lose any so why tag it..........LOL, just joking. I went for awhile without putting my name on new discs but changed back to tagging them up. I have lost two that had names, one I found where I lost it 6 months later while searching for another, one was found and the guy never called me, one of my buddies seen him throwing it and he wouldnt give it to him either. When I saw this person I said somthing to the effect of "so you have my disc eh"? He said yeah, the best part of finding a disc is being able to give it back! What a joke, the guy had no intentions of giving it to me, I was just lucky on that one.

Most people dont call back, the serious "I love discgolfers", they seem to call and return discs. I have returned the few that I have found and hopefully 'Karma", or whatever will carry the trend forward.
Yeah, I guess this is a sore subject for most. I figure once I lose a disc it is gone. I mark my discs for tournaments otherwise I'm not sure if I would have marked discs. I used to care alot more about my discs but over the years I have replaced every disc in my bag, most just get too beat in or I go to another disc. Over the last two years the only disc that has stayed in my bag is my putter.

I guess I don't care about the cost of the disc as much either (I still will spend an hour looking for it if its on land), but with the cost of tourneys, leagues, ect $13 bucks doesn't seem like too much and again in a year or two I won't use the Frisbee anyway.
I only put my name on my discs. If I were to lose it they just have to find Mad Dog and that's pretty easy here at my home course where a lot of people know me.
I played with a guy at The King of the Lake tourney in lake tahoe last month who said that the reason he doesnt put his name and etc. on his disc is because if he looses it, its a gift to the sport and to who ever finds it, congrats.... now for being someone from socal i thought that was outrageous. Everyone down here puts name number and etc on there discs, because a lot of the players down here dont have a lot of money.
I put my name on my disc to distinguish it from other discs in my group. I try not to lose any because they are hardly ever returned and possibly on someones wall.
The only time I put my name on a disc is in a tournament and then I do not put my number. I figure if they get lost it is somebody else's gain and maybe it will help them with their game. I have found 3 disc with names and numbers and called the number only one returned my call and I had to call him 4 times. So now I call once and leave a message and thats it.

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