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Whats up with that. Maybe others just have more money than I do. Ive never thrown a disc and lost it. Ok once, i threw it into the ocean in Hawaii, there was no way to retrieve it. But if you do lose your disc and someone like me finds it I'll call you if you leave your number on your disc. Just wondering if others out there are finding alot of discs with no info.

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Every one I've found with Donny's name on it is on my wall ;o))
The only time I put my name on a disc is in a tournament and then I do not put my number. I figure if they get lost it is somebody else's gain and maybe it will help them with their game. I have found 3 disc with names and numbers and called the number only one returned my call and I had to call him 4 times. So now I call once and leave a message and thats it.
when i first get a disk i jst put a little mark on the rim in the case that i want to trade it or sell it. after a couple weeks of play if the disk makes it in my bag then ill put my name and # on it.
I try to put my name and number on all of my discs, but on occasion I have been known to throw a brand new disc and lose it before I have had the chance to write my info on the inside. I have lost two or three really sweet discs that way.
Name & PDGA number for me.
I do not give out my phone number.
Many reasons why, you can come up with them.
If you throw often enough, you get to know everybody!
Ditto...I see no reason to put a phone number on my discs, my "mark" is good enough.
I bet a lot of people don't care or realize that they'll almost never get their discs back. I've lost over 30 since I started playing a year ago and I've only ever had 2 returned to me.
holy cow dude! lost over 30 in a year, not trying to be rude but sounds like you need to work on some control. i've only lost 5 in the past 2 yrs and 2 of them have been returned. good luck in the future.
Iirc, Sean lives in Alaska- I could see loosing some up there.

I always return discs- actually my league play started from returning a disc.
Returning my discs to me will usually result in a reward of some kind.
Yeah, you should check out our rough here, even David Feldberg said it is the worst he has seen and he has been all over the world and played. I don't lose discs much anymore, but we do have some crazy courses. The trees and rough here will swallow a person, a lot of times you can't even see the moose lurking or porcupines either. We play on some courses that are known to have bears and their scat is evidence of that. So, we have a lot more going on here than a lot of what other people are used to.
Bet that you don't have gators?
Actually we do, but only during the winter...we wear our gaiters during the winter to keep snow out of our shoes :P


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