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Whats up with that. Maybe others just have more money than I do. Ive never thrown a disc and lost it. Ok once, i threw it into the ocean in Hawaii, there was no way to retrieve it. But if you do lose your disc and someone like me finds it I'll call you if you leave your number on your disc. Just wondering if others out there are finding alot of discs with no info.

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Ha ha
different G A T O R...
It ain't about the money, I'm poor as a church mouse. I just take the approach that, a disc that wants to be with me will stay in the fairway where I can find it. I have the same feelings about dogs. If the dog wants to be mine, he won't be running away. ; ) No seriously, it's because return rates are very low and fraught with frustration. I just mark it with my PDGA number and if I lose it, I hope it finds a good home. Toward that end, if you find one with 7330 on it, play it if you need it or pass to someone just learning DG.
As it was kind of alluded to, maybe some people have stopped marking their discs because they have not had lost discs returned in the past, and it is much more soothing on the soul to know that an unmarked disc will never make it back to you, rather than eyeing everyone you meet on the course, thinking "I wonder if that is the so-and-so who found one of my discs and never called me?"
Don't know why you would not.
It's your property.

But it does not matter to some, they will confiscate it anyway.
Or find a way to embezzle cash out of you. Or resell your disc, with big gobs of marker over your name.....

What a lot, most try to call though... there is a club on DGRUS for those that return discs I return discs club
Atleast , have a Indentifying Mark of some kind on the disc , so you know it's yours.
I have lost 3 disc all with name number and e mail not returned yet dont really matter if not in tourn.
Back in the '90s I would always carry a PATENT PENDING Aero. I played a lot at night and the purple ones were kinda hard to find. Mostly they made it back to the pro shop, but after losing three in a row I got hardcore and wrote "AIDS DISC do not touch" . I lost it on hole 17 at Morley (like most of the others) and never saw it again. I still write my name on my plastic and it's still hit and miss on gettin' 'em back.
I put my name, PDGA number and since about 6 months ago...I put this web site address on them too. I don't put my phone number on them...and haven't for quite a while....way back, we had an issue with another golfer who was getting harassing phone calls from a park vagrant...since then I don't bother.

I don't lose too many for one.....the ones I can't find or get wet...I go back after the round and usually get them....and if other locals find mine I've lost...they come back to me too. Local covering both Orlando and Daytona ...and points in between...and beyond.

Lately the ones I have lost...I left or dropped out there : ( ...playing best shot and walking off like a bonehead.

Two of those were devastating loses.....The Harry Putter 1 (3 aces in row disc) and the Shreds *Vintage 93 era DX San Marino) I do hold some hope for the Shreds...the Putter was likely found by some little kids having a birthday party in the park that day.

The Shreds definitely left the county or most likely the State via a visiting player...I haven't given up hope yet...there's still many bags to search out there ; )~
I put my phone # on mine and my logo, I've had 2 callbacks in the last week. funny thing is I didn't lose them, 1 I traded to a guy, the other I sold to a different guy, and They lost them.
Just consider them an offering from the disc golf gods. For people who really want and need them.
I just found one of my friends, lost Pro Monster. ( Justin Kirk ).

It was being thrown by this cute girl. I waited till she came around to the Pro shop and asked her to see the disc. I think her boyfriend found it but never turned it in.

Anyways , I asked her for it and stated it had my friends name and phone number on it Exactly.

She handed it to me , no problem and I told her I wanted her to keep playing and bought her a Pink SS Surge. About 155 grams. Lighter than the 174 gram Monster she was throwing. I did watch her try to throw that Monster a few holes and of course it was way too much disc for her.

I told her to put her name and phone number on it , in case it was lost , they are turned in for a dollar here.

She was Super happy , her boyfriend couldn't believe it , he was shocked and my friend got back his $ 65.00 disc !!!!

Everyone was Happy and no confrontation happened , as sometimes it does !!!!

Yes , this really did happen.

Donny Olow
Awesome! Good for you for giving her a constellation prize. Also good job for giving her somthing a little more "Her" Love to hear stories like this.


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