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Whats up with that. Maybe others just have more money than I do. Ive never thrown a disc and lost it. Ok once, i threw it into the ocean in Hawaii, there was no way to retrieve it. But if you do lose your disc and someone like me finds it I'll call you if you leave your number on your disc. Just wondering if others out there are finding alot of discs with no info.

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because after 16 lost discs this past year, no one has returned any of mine, and i've returned all 4 that had numbers and names. karma apparently does not apply in disc golf.

i've found quite a few discs & returned them to their owners.

it's not like i don't understand how it works.

i got 2 reasons i don't mark mine.

one, i'm a weird-o. i think marking a disc ruins it's mojo.

two, although i am also a "worst case scenario guy" -

by implementing a "plan" to have your disc returned -

tells the universe that's what you expect to happen - (lose your disc)

and the universe provides.

hey, life happens.

i think it's a good thing to shake up your bag now & then.

plus, it motivates your play to finish high enough so you can replenish your supply.

Awesome! Good for you for giving her a constellation prize. Also good job for giving her somthing a little more "Her" Love to hear stories like this.
It looks like this post has been covered from about every side. I do put my name on my disc's, and I have had a number of disc's returned... And twice now I got a call from some one with my and by that time I had replaced it... then I thank them for calling and tell them it is a gift for calling back, and have them keep the disc. Doing this really makes them feel good about what they did.

So yes I almost always tag my disc's, but hey if you don't care at all and dont want to tag it, that's your call. I would never say you should or should not tag it. But more times then not that I have lost a disc, I got a call or it got dropped off at the sports shop... I have found around 30 or more that I have returned, if there is no name or number on the disc I look for some one out there that looks like they could use a few more disc's and hand it off to them.
ya i put my name and number in big letters on the back of it so if i lose it you will know it! I have found quite a few discs at a local course, and if it has a number on it i will call, a few times, the person i call he tells me to keep it so im like ok whatever! but its smart to do that, but a lot of people will try anything to get the name and or number off
Personally I won't put my name an # on the back if it is a disc I am trying out. Just because if I don't like it a used disc with no Ink sells for more $.

Also I'm a bloodhound when it comes to finding my and the people I'm with plastic. If I can see the throw I can tell where it's going.
im really the same way, personally I think i play with blind people, because they never remember where they throw their discs, so I have to show them! But I have found quite a few discs and if I call and they say to just keep it or whatever then shoot ill use it! But I hate losing discs, every disc in my bag is for that special shot! Like 2 months ago, I bought a brand new 173g champion valkaryie, love that disc, anyways first time I take it out, my dumb self, I try to throw it over this river, my shot did the complete opposite of what I was trying to get it to do, and it went right in the water! So now if its a river shot, i throw a disc that i really don't play with anymore just in case!
Okay I am with you on that, I like to play a disc a few time before my name goes on the back! And other then all the BIG water shots here in Hilo Hawaii, I don't lose many disc's ... can't say never but not often.

Now there are 3 or 4 shots over the water here that are a big drive... I do put a few in there... you come up 5 feet short and that thing is gone forever!
well that wasn't smart on my part for doing that but I know its terrible right? watching a disc just get eaten by water, then you have to take penalty for it, its like I lost a disc, isn't that punished enough? lol
man, you ain't lying. i always feel bad, whether me or a friend, and the conversation goes something like this, "so, i lost my disc, and i take a stroke too right, where's the drop zone on this hole?" oh boy, that is one of the worst feelings.
it is terrible! I think that you should get to re-do the throw for a loss like that! I played today, and it was really windy, I had 3 spit-outs from 10 - 15 feet away, i was like are you kidding me?
Yeah, I lost my first Wraith to the ocean when playing at McKenzie park on the south east side of Hawaii. It was worth it.

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