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Why do some people do this. Twice they've been my favorite discs and I wouldn't want to stop using them and spend more money on the same disc...

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First of all, in my book there are no favorite discs. Attachment to a disc is really bad for your game. I have had a number of discs that I just couldn't do without and it always came back to bite me in the rear. I lost it and had to learn a new disc and a new shot. So now I don't get attached. Learn new discs and new ways to throw.
Now why retire a disc? Because I have been playing for 15 years and only have 6 aces. The first 4 i don't have because of that way of thinking that they were my favorites. Now 15 years later I only have the 2 most current ones. I wish all the time that I had the other 4! It's just a disc and I figure that spending $15 or learning something new will only help me in the end. A famous Jedi once said.......Attachment leads to the dark side! Rejoice for those who are gone, do not miss! Train yourself to let go!
Why would someone retire an ace disc (and presumably hang it on a wall) ? Because they put a lot more value on an ace than I do.

Discs come out of my bag when they get lost or they stop performing.

I hear what Russell said about not becoming overly dependent on a disc. My solution is not to abandon a favorite disc but to make sure I have backups as close as possible to that disc. So I embrace the dark side.

I don't keep very good track of aces but I have one disc which has a bunch of aces (and a bunch of long deuces and a horde of park jobs). If I abandoned it after its first good shot it never would have made its second good shot.
I got several discs in my bag with multiple Aces. Last week I got 3 Aces in a row.....back to back to back...with the same disc..if I retired it after it got it's first ace way back last year sometime...last weeks hat trick might not have happened. it happens to be my putter too....and I have 5 Aces with that disc......behold the power of the Magic!!! and never under estimate the power of the Dark Side!!! yeah the putter's black....lmao!!!
Side note though, I did eventually hang my first Ace Disc from 1995.....black Cyclone...on the wall. It's the only Ace disc I retired. I kept playing with it...lost it for a few months.....got it back...lost it again...got it back again.....finally I said to myself...."Self, don't lose your first Ace Disc" plus it wasn't preforming like it used too.
I have 4 aces (All with different discs) and I love these discs... molds and specific discs. The Z Wasp is my favorite disc, I've aced with it.. but if I lose it it's cool cause I have 3 more (none aced). Would I miss the Aced One... sure but it would not affect my game cause I have a replacement.

Now I aced with my first Teebird (Champ 11x) and lost it in a tourny.. that sucked cause I got it, within two days I aced with it, then two weeks later I lost it in some water. I didn't have a replacement. That really affected my score that round. Even though it was new, I fell in love with it! It took the place of 3 other discs that I had been throwing... so I was sunk for that round! I had to run back to my truck to get a D Eagle... still didn't help!

So Put It On The Wall or Put It In Your Bag?!? That is the Question! I'm not sure... I have 1 disc that is going on the wall... It's a Cryztal Z Buzzz signed by Dave Feldberg after the 08 Worlds, my buddy got it for me and I just had a little boy so it's going in his room.

And Russell... the Jedi were blinded by their way off thinking. (I'm a huge Star Wars fan also)
When I hit my first ace,I put that disc on the wall.When I hit ace #29 the thought never even crossed my mind.
....Thinking about it I may have 6 or 7 with that Magic. I don't wirte all over my ace discs ....kinda hard to do on the black discs anyway.
I wish I had retired my first ace disc (Z Buzzz with Wasp stamped on rim) because then someone wouldn't have stolen it and made me cry.

But seriously, I'd never retire an ace disc and I'm not a pro with 150 aces, I just have two.

That first ace is special though, so if someone wants to hang it on a wall, I can understand that. All of your aces, maybe that's a little narcissistic! :-) Even then I don't need discs on my wall to tell me I'm awesome, I've got a mirror for that...and my mommy.
Only retired one (of my 37 aces so far).
It is a cyclone a few years back, won $467!
At that price can by more.............
I've only retired my first Ace disc ( out of 2,haha) and I don't need a reason, so there!! :)
I too offer my unwarranted hatred. But seriously you've lived the day-dream I've had, you're my hero. (in my dreams at night I shoot an 18 and it seems so easy!)

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