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Randy Lee builds nine homemade white baskets, puts them in his back yard, Gulley Park Fayetteville. Disc Golf is born in Northwest Arkansas.

Kelly Watson and Jeff Ash form the Fayetteville Disc Golf Club (FDGC).

Minis: 10 am Saturday Singles and 1pm Sunday Doubles

2002 Kelly Watson, Jeff Ash and the FDGC host an Icebowl in Gulley Park.

2004 Jeff Ash hosts an Icebowl at Horseshoe Canyon.

The City of Fayetteville decides to relocate Gulley Park Disc Golf Course.

  The FDGC is given the opportunity (thanks to the excellent cooperative diplomacy between Jeff Ash and director of the Fayetteville parks and recreation department) to survey all local area, city public parks for a potential new course.

  In this process the city asked the FDGC to form an official club that resembled all of the other clubs that they do business with.  The city council prefers to speak to one individual that represents the said organization (and all of its' members views, and their voted on decisions).  Other club members are always invited and encouraged to be at meetings public, private, both on and off the course.

  Disc Golfers are filled with generosity, wisdom, and kindness.  We adopted a club form that represented disc golf and the charitable nature of the people that play.


  Organized communication is one purpose of a club...  Club Meetings are where you go to discuss ideas and decide what is going on (and is where all financial discussions should be kept). A website is where you tell people to go to find out where to play and what is going on locally and how to join the club, club benefits, photos, and a link to a separate discussion board (Facebook). 

  A club really needs nothing more than a person to talk to the city, a person to hold onto the money that can be trusted, a person to run tournaments, a person to run minis, and meetings to discuss ideas with all members of the club; along with scheduling work, and performing club duties (like elections) and giving every member a chance to be a part of promoting the growth of the sport they love- disc golf. 

  That love has made the NWADGA a club that has given to Food Banks, the EDGE program, other clubs, and children.  We have always given more than we have "made".

  Northshore was installed by a few of the twenty five or so people that played in the minis.

There is and always will be a separate and unequaled feeling of pride that goes into working on a disc golf course. In a single day's labor of love, that course becomes your course. Those that do not volunteer in this way do not experience this joy.

  The first "meeting" was held at Northshore where a club charter was reviewed and discussed. The charter was written to be acceptable to the secretary of state for "not-for-profit" status.  Forming a club that is an official not-for-profit has guidelines, there are many forms of a "club" that meet these guidelines.  There is a copy of the NWADGA club Charter  posted after.

It takes Six peoples signatures and 50 bucks to file for not-for-profit status with the secretary of state.

It's one election to get a treasurer to open a bank account in the name of the club.

Obviously it's time for elections, who are the candidates?

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Club Charter


Club Charter
Article I. Objectives and Purpose
A. General
The Northwest Arkansas Disc Golf Association, herein and elsewhere will be referred to as the 'NWADGA' and 'Club', sets forth in this charter the structure of the Club and the rules to be adhered to by its members and officers.

B. Functions
The NWADGA has two major functions:
1. To develop disc golf activities for our members which will be competitive, fair and fun.
2. To support and promote the sport of disc golf and disc sports in general as a fun and wholesome entertainment activity for the general public.

Article II. Membership

A. General
Membership in the Club has certain rights, responsibilities and entitlements. Active membership is attained and maintained by paying annual dues. Membership dues will be established by the club through the referendum process.

B. Rights
Each active member has the right to vote in all Club elections and to hold office in the club.

C. Responsibilities
Members assist the NWADGA by:
1. Supporting the Club and its members
2. Participating in a competitive, fair, fun and responsible manner at any event.
3. Attending Club meetings and events.
4. Supporting and promoting the sport of disc golf and disc sports in general.
5. Giving assistance to new and potential players.
6. Providing assistance on Club projects.
7. Serving as a resource for course maintenance when needed.
8. Maintaining active membership status.

D. Entitlements
The NWADGA will not discriminate against any member or applicant on the basis of age, handicap, gender, race, or creed.

Active NWADGA members are entitled to receive:
1. A one year membership in the Club.
2. A personalized membership card with permanent member number.
3. Discounted entry fees for official NWADGA organized events.
4. Membership Package (club stamps, minis, etc.)
5. Voting rights

E. Suspension of Membership
A member may be suspended by the Board of Administrators for any of the following:
1. Unsportsmanlike conduct, such as loud cursing, throwing things in anger (other than
discs in play), or overt rudeness to anyone present.
2. Willful destruction or abuse of plant or animal life, course hardware, or any other
property considered part of the course or the park.
3. Cheating (a willful attempt to circumvent the rules of play)
4. Activities that are in violation of the law, park regulation, or disc golf course rules.
The suspension continues until the next regularly scheduled Club business meeting. A 2 to 1 quorum vote is to be held at the meeting to withdraw the suspension. The suspended member has the right to address the Club prior to the vote.

Article III. Administration

A. Elected Offices
1. General
The offices described in this part constitute the primary duties of the Club. It is the duty of each officer to do their best to serve the Club and fulfill their responsibilities. Officers are required to attend Club meetings. Only active members may run for office. It is recommended that all Club officers be PDGA members in good standing.

2. Offices
a. Board of Administrators
The Board of Administrators will preside over the Club meetings and direct the overall activity of Club functions. Administrators will decide on club activities through majority voting. There will be seven elected administrators.

The Board of Administrators shall accept applications for and appoint volunteer positions to perform Club duties as needed The Board of Administrators are responsible for overseeing all aspects of membership including but not limited to the Club database, correspondence with new or renewing members, and for providing an active membership list on a monthly basis. Provisions will be made for a Club phone list, email list, and address book for the general membership and for supporting the other officers as needed regarding the Club database. These officers must also oversee all aspects of promotions and media coverage for Club events. Provisions will be made for promotional materials for all NWADGA events and for a Club calendar of events. Meeting minutes and notes must also be taken by this office. It is recommended to have digital video recording of Club meetings. The Board of Administrators shall have the authority to suspend the membership of any member as described in II E.

b. Treasurer
The Treasurer will hold Club funds, disperse Club funds as needed and publicly confirm the financial responsibility of the Club. This officer shall provide financial activity reports of Club funds on a monthly basis. A bank account will be opened for the NWADGA funds accessible by the treasurer and one other to be appointed (Tournament Director recommended). All checks written for club expenses will be signed by the treasurer and by the appointee.

c. Secretary
All Administrators are responsible for keeping current information regarding club activities. A secretary will be elected to record notes during meetings and keep a copy of any vital information pertinent to club operations.

3. Removal from Office
Any officer may, at any time during the term of office, be removed from office for cause by a 2 to 1 quorum vote. A special election may be held to fill the office.

B. Elections
1. Annual
Club elections will be held each February and will be conducted by popular vote through anonymous ballot. Ballots shall be counted at the regular February Club meeting. Only active members are eligible to vote in Club elections. The elections will be used for electing Club officers, voting on referendums, and taking polls of the membership.

2. Special
Special elections may be called for a 2 to 1 quorum vote during a regularly scheduled monthly meeting. Special elections will be conducted according to III.B.1. except the date shall be decided by quorum.

C. Appointed Positions
The Board of Administrators shall accept applications from and choose volunteers for positions required by continuous Club functions. These appointments will be confirmed by the members in attendance at the next regularly scheduled Club business meeting.
By accepting these appointments, the Volunteer Staff agree to do their best to serve the Club. The Volunteer Staff are required to attend the scheduled Club meetings. Any capable active member can be appointed these duties. The Board of Administrators can make temporary appointments of volunteers for specific duties as needed. If the duties are determined to be required on a permanent basis, the appointment shall be approved by a majority of the present active members at the next regular Club meeting.

D. Referendums and Polls
Some items of Club business may be considered too important to decide by vote in the regular monthly meeting and be put to vote to the entire membership through the Annual or a special election. These items will be known as "Referendum Items" and shall be considered binding. Referendum Items require only a majority vote unless otherwise specified by a 2 to 1 quorum vote or as specified elsewhere in this charter such as Article IV. Other items may be put to the membership either during the annual meeting, by special election or by informal polling to gauge support for or against ideas and shall be referred to as "Non-Binding Referendum Items".

E. Miscellaneous
1. Meetings
There is to be a gathering of the Club membership at least once a month to discuss and conduct Club business. A minimum number of active members (a quorum) must be present to conduct certain Club business as defined elsewhere in this charter. A quorum is defined to be an assembly of at least nine active members. The meetings are to be held with regard to the spirit of parliamentary procedure.

2. Irregular Meetings
The Club may at times be called to assemble for specific reasons such as to confer on Club issues or to provide support and/or assistance for Club events.

Article IV. Restrictions

This charter may be amended only with a 2 to 1 referendum vote during the annual or a special election with the entire active membership eligible to vote. An announcement of the referendum must be made to the membership no less than two meetings prior to the vote on the amendment.

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