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I'd like some suggestions for my wind game. Here is what I think I know:
(All listings and answers please use a RHBT)
1.Tailwind: Throw lighter for distance, and a tailwind will make your discs more stable?
2. Headwind: Should I throw lighter or heavier? Discs flight tends to be less stable?

Now the big questions: (remember RHBT)
Left to right wind: throw more or less stable discs? any pointers?
Right to left wind: same questions as above

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For tailwinds I throw the lightest and the least stable disc I have. I do this so I can hyzer flip it and get height out of it. A nice helix is helpful as well. I also find it's even more important to make sure the"nose" of the disc is angled down or it will stall.
Headwinds I throw overstable, because discs become less stable in a headwind. To me disc weight is no big (sort of) Most of my discs have a low gram weight (165 to 171). For me the most important thing is keeping the disc low. With cross winds. I just tend to throw what I normally would for that hole. For me it's important to throw the disc as flat as possible. No hyzer or anhyzer angle if possible. However I do adjust my release depending on the wind. R cross wind. I'll aim more to the right and vise versa for left. Now some people like to play the crosswinds. Ya know throw it high and let the wind take it on a big hyzer flight (RHBH with a R to L cross). I don't like to do that for the most part. However, at my home course I will do this on a few holes. For instance. One hole has trees pretty much blocking the front of the teepad with just two tight windows to throw through, but when it's nice and windy. I'll aim approx 75 to 100' right of the basket and spike hyzer it to the basket. But the thing is. I know this hole and heck. Even throwing that far right. I've blown past the basket be 40 to 50' to the left. It's a risk reward thing, and I seldom see much reward using crosswinds.

1. Yeah.... but you want to get some altitude on a tailwind throw...a tailwind will fight lift...or push a disc down..lighter would be better.

2. It depends on the wind..a strong steady wind...15+, Heavier and stable because you want to punch through the wind. The head wind will add lift so keep it lower and flatter on the release. Slight head wind, I might try a hyzer flip with a less stable disc for a lot of D

The other two questions really depend on where the fairway leads...where's the target.

Left to right with the target on the right...I would throw less stable...flat or slightly turned over...with a little altitude to ride that wind or carry on that wind to the right. Target on the left, a stable disc that will cut into it...and won't turn over.

Right to left with the target on the right..I would go with something less stable, if it was a gentle wind...but not so understable that it will cut roll. Again it's the angle of release...you don't want to get the nose down turning over into a right to left wind...so again depending on how strong the wind is..depends on how stable I want to go. Target on the left with a right to left wind....definitely a less stable disc thrown fairly flat to a slight hyzer angle...let the wind and the natural fall of the flight work for you.

I hope this helps...there's a lot of other variables that could play into the right disc selection in these circumstances...and remember it's all relative to your ability.
1. Tailwind: lighter understable disc
2. heavier, overstable

left to right: understable on slight hyzer angle/flat. an overstable will push your disc to ground quick and too much anhyzer will flip your disc.

right to left: tricky for me, i tend to use overstable on an anhyzer angle, more glide, get an s-curve, but you can get away with understable on hyzer, basically opposite of what discgolf rocksmysocks says. he has it backwards, try it if you don't believe me.

just think about a Left to Right wind, an overstable disc wants the ground badly, and for a RHBH thrower, you tend to go right to left, whch means you'll have the topside of your disc facing the wind which will push it down quick. you want lift, so throw an understable on slight hyzer or even flat, the disc won't fight to get to the ground, the wind will lift it and carry it.

Also, if you don't want to take my word for it, Dave Feldberg talks about how he had the lead on Climo in their DVD, then on the back nine, the wind picked up and most of the holes had a left to right wind and he couldn't understand why his overstable disc wasn't parking under the basket, but Climo's TL (understable Teebird) was.
Thanks for the tips. If this comes up on the post, I'd love to hear anything else people have to say.
Try a lower line into a straight headwind.
Check this out- http://www.discraft.com/res_wind06_p1.html These guys have learned to embrace the wind and use it to their advantage. Probably a good idea if most of your rounds are in Oklahoma, Kansas, or Texas like Ron and Brendan.

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