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So, if you play courses here in Tennessee, you know all too well that wind is almost always a factor.  Yesterday, it was windy as hell.  Gusts of 20plus but steady breezy throughout the day.  I loaded my portable basket, and headed out to a local park.  I set my basket down roughly 250 ft away from my make-shift "tee box."  I practiced throwing with the wind, and then against it.  With is funner.  You can ask the disc to many things throwing it with the wind, and some of the flight paths the various discs take a fun to watch.

Throwing into the wind is another matter.  Since I am a fairly strong forehand player, i was able to keep my over-stable discs like the Xcaliber on a left to right approach with varying degrees of accuracy.  But what about those basket placements that allow no left to right approach? So I tried everything in my bag.  Wraiths and Trackers with slight to extreme anhysers.  Vulcan thrown somewhat flat.  If I stayed low...the discs would mostly stay straight for awhile, but, even then hey would die quickly.  Lift the rim just a tad too much, and all hell broke loose.


Tell me your "into the wind" secrets. 


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Smoother release and less muscle. I'm in wind all the time in the heart of texas. Learning how much roll or turn over with whatever disc is instinct after enough practice. Keeping low is tough sometimes but can be done by controlling the front rim angle. Its like pulling the rim into the seam in the wind. Hope this helps.

I throw backhand and forehand. When I choose to throw forehand, I do it so the disc will finnish to the right. In strong headwind, using a  backhand makes more sense to me.  The headwind will turn a good backhand shot over, hopefully to the hole. 

 Good call practicing in the wind, keep it up

Larry, I'm finding that out about less muscle.  Even into the wind, if I catch the "seam" right, (Usually accomplished by throwing from slightly higher up to near chest level) I get a right left right flight path.

Justin, yea, I struggle with backhand shots, and my tendency to throw high isn't particularly helpful into the wind.  I figure I will need to learn which discs turn over fastest for both roller opportunities and to develop a less sloppy tomahawk, or pancake shot.  

If I stand in place and throw backhand, I actually get extremely straight shots, but 200 ft maximum distance.  Hell, I can "flick" a forehand 300 plus. ( If I get the disc right when it leaves hand, I can muscle a disc forehand 400.)  So, for right to left shots, under 200, I can score well.  I've been compensating for a lack of distance right to left by learning to throw the Wraith. Tracker, and Vulcan with an anhyser.  Hey, some serious stick golfers learned to groove their faults. ;)

UPDATE.  Went again this morning, as there was less breeze.  The first two "rounds", I was all over the place.  Sloppy and choppy, I call it.  By the third, I had found a groove with consistency.  By then, my arm felt like jello and I loaded back up and went home for some sudsy type therapy.  Tomorrow is another day, another opportunity to hone my game...
My z predator is forehand rhfh turnover machine wind be damned
Do you throw it hard, or let it do what it wants?
IN a headwind I like to throw a stable disc with slight Hyzer (Star Boss ,New Wraith , Pro Destroyer) and give it some room to work right to left (cuz I'm lefty or left to right for a Rightie)
Me too, Mark, unless the approach doesn't allow for that.  I'm pretty comfortable in almost any left to right scenario.

Throwing rhbh with the wind coming at my face or blowning left to righ, I wlll throw the Boss. If it is coming from behind I throw the Vulcan on a hyzer flip. If it is movng right to left, I will throw the Vulcan out on an anhyzer. If it is just out of control head winds, I will throw the Roc until my arm falls off. 


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