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I would like to have a simple wind strategy that I can memorize and go to when out on the course. I would like the forum to critique and/or correct the following. I have read through prior feeds but there is a lot of mixed up info so let’s keep it super simple by cutting and pasting to correct the following. The actual discs you use are not needed.  The strategy should be for right hand back hand throws. Thank you in advance..


Important: Please reply in similar format. 




Tailwind: Throw a under stable disc

Headwind: Throw a over stable disc

Left to right wind:

Right to left wind:



Tailwind: Aim High

Headwind: Aim low

Left to right wind:

Right to left wind:


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Many times it is best to keep a disc as flat as possible in the wind. When you present a surface to the wind it will act on that surface. So that means you should definitely keep the nose down into a headwind. Same for tailwind because if you let the nose get up it will present a surface to the wind and the disc will get pushed down. This applies to crosswinds as well. I threw a shot yesterday where I wanted to do a bit of a hyzer shot. But instead of throwing it up there high and on an angle I threw an overstable disc (ESP Predator) on a fairly flat trajectory. Those in my group who had thrown too high and on more of an angle had the disc get affected much more by the wind and their disc were pushed down. My disc flew to the target.


So when winds are strong, keep the disc down and don't let it tilt so much that the wind will affect it in a negative way.


There is one wind that I truly love and that is when the wind is tail with a left to right component. For the RHBH player that sets up the perfect opportunity to throw something like a DX TeeBird on an anhyzer line. The disc will get on the wind and just sail. In this instance you want the disc to be on a angle so that is affected by the wind. In this case the wind is your friend and you can get massive D by using it. 

Along the same lines:


Headwind: nose down.

Crosswinds: tilt disc so wind hits top, doesn't get underneath.


(1) Be very accurate with upshots.  Try to put disc under basket to maximize drop-in putts, thus minimize wind-affected putts.

(2) Aim upshots to land on upwind side of basket, so most putts are downwind.

For tailwinds i try to throw higher, and use a lighter disc that is under stable.

For headwinds take a little off your throw.

side wind... I have never heard anyone try to explain this. If there is any head or tail wind with your side wind, it messes up any simple approach adjusting to the wind. However, it seems like a left to right wind effects a rhbh throw, just a little in the direction the wind is blowing. And a right to left wind changes a rhbh throw even less... the disc will barely move in the direction the wind is blowing and will drop the disc a little slower than a tail wind would drop a disc. However, things change very easily when you consider that the wind may also be blowing up or down. many players deal with "mixed" winds by using a stable disc with a blunt edge and lo-glide... and simply throw hard. MASH IT UP

Worst for me, as a RHBH thrower, is a wind coming from 1:30 (headwind, and right-to-left).  If the disc starts to turnover, it then turns over hard.  If it starts to hyzer out, the wind gets under it and blows it left.  And I'm trying to throw hard because I'm losing distance to the headwind, which only makes it worse.  Yikes!

Stoney Hill #1 is a big downhill shot in a windy location, with prevailing winds anywhere from headwind to right-to-left, or some combination thereof.  Always an adventure.


Keep the nose down at all times is key. Other than tail winds, keep the disc low. Crosswinds adjust your aim point slightly in the direction of the crosswind. Left crosswind, aim a little left of your target point and vise versa for a right crosswind.

As for putting, I don't mess with much. The thing I was tought by a local pro. Is to putt with a little hyzer angle on your putter. You still throw a straight putt, but with the hyzer angle. I found that I don't have to adjust my aiming point when dealing with head or tailwinds. Crosswinds I keep the disc flat and don't mess with my aim point. I also tend to putt with a little more speed, but it can make for a long 2nd putt if you miss. The biggest thing that has helped was puting a hyzer angle on my putter.

Playing in a windy area over the years. I've found it's the game between the ears that is the most important thing. Wind really doesn't bother me anymore and in fact. I find it to be fun, because it adds a little more of a challenge.

After that the only way to get over the windy day blues. Is to play and practice in it as much as you can.

Having a Firebird/Pred/XXX in the bag is a good thing.  Those discs will handle pretty much any wind you throw at it.  Hell, I sidearm my FB into a headwind.  That kind of dependability is invaluable on the course.

The Innova max is another great headwind disc. Love that disc and throw it a lot. Very dependable and all u need to do is throw it flat and it will fly straight w a sharp fade.... Sorry, I know u didn't ask for disc recommendations but seems like ur questions have already been adequately answered. ;)


Tailwind: Throw a under stable disc, add slight height, full power throw

Headwind: Throw a over stable disc, or stable disc with hyzer, strong throw not full power

Left to right wind: Throw stable disc with slight anhyzer, Hyzer flip understable disc with added height

Right to left wind: Stable disc aimed well right for added hyzer, don't use understable disc



Tailwind: Aim High, Putt with more force.

Headwind: Aim low, Putt with less force

Left to right wind: Hyzer angle aimed at center, more force

Right to left wind: Slight Anhyzer angle aimed at center, more force


I got ya, throw these or discs that are similar!!


Tailwind : Sidewinder

Headwind: Boss

L to R: Star Wraith with Hyzer

R to L: Boss with some anny


Tailwind: Magic a lil high

Headwind: Wizard with some juice on it, don't land your shot in a Headwind angle!!!  :)

L to R: Wizard with hyzer

R to L: Wizard with anny!!!

In a 1:30 wind I would definitely go with a hyzer shot. The key is to keep it low and start it quite a bit out to the right as the wind will push it. Maybe go with something like a Predator and throw it flat and quite a bit to the right. That might work fairly well. You want to use the component of the wind that will push your disc towards the basket. Depending on how hard the wind is blowing that can be fairly easy or quite difficult. When you deal with 40 to 50 mph winds the margin for error decreases to about zero. If you throw a Predator directly into a 1:30 wind (or even a bit to the right depending on how hard the wind is blowing) and keep it flat it should probably end up close to the target.

The Predator has become my go to headwind disc because it still goes a long way into a headwind and is very predictable.

I think Eric Day nailed it.

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