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I organised a pick up game of skins yesterday .it was a friendly 50 cent a hole match ,well i made the mistake of inviting a local pro who proceeded to win 75% of the skins. I'm not upset at the number of skins he won.I'm upset at how he acted at winning the skins,I consider this person as a friend but rubbing it in our faces is in poor taste.renigging on a prize he said he had for the next person to win a skin (which i did ...my only one of the day)so from now on we will keep our skins games am's only.i dont want to give the local pro's any more money .one of the local am's played in a 100 dollar 3 round game a couple months ago and the damn fool didnt take a handicap and of course got beat bad and lost his money ,these guys asked me if id be interested in playing in one and i stated sure but with a handicap and they said never mind .if this is the mentality of pro golfers everywhere then that is doing the sport a great disservice.

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I can only speak for myself, but that's not the case all the time. The majority of the time has been possitive when playing with some "pros" in one way or another. By either giving me and others a handicap or just some insight to the game and how to better our abilities. However that minority, like the one you mentioned. Tend to be left out of a "money" games in my area. Case in point. I have recently started playing at a new course (new to me). I hardly know the regulars there, but when I showed up one day the group needed a 5th person for this game I've never played before. In short. They asked me to play instead of the local pro and judging by the comments I heard during the round. It was because of the same reasons you've stated.
Also, have you maybe talked to this guy? I find that some people just don't know when they are not being cool and when it's mentioned to them they are quite suprised. Remember if some one is good enough to be a "pro" at any sport. They tend to have quite the competative streak in them. He might not even know he's doing wrong.
i'm glad to not had your bad experience. the "Pros" i've been luck enough to play against have always been very humble and helpful. Rescue is right, may be just talking to him could do a lot of good
Thanks for the response's ,I had already planned on talking to him about him about it .as for not wanting me to play in a big money game because of wanting a handicap shows that they just wanna fleece the local am's . as for me i just played in the last money game with a pro involved ,until the pro's grow a spine and start offering a fair handicap.
about the skins game, sure rubbing it in is wrong, but HOW did they rub it in, are you taking it the right way?
and about the 100 dollar thing, its as simple as don't play if you dont wanna lose your money, i don't know your skill level, but chances are if they are pros and your and am a handicap wouldn't help too much in the long run, so what i suggest is asking them to play 25 dollor 3 round matches, watch learn, get better, BEAT em next time :P
i took his comments in the right context ,and when someone can shot 11 down on one course vs your -5 is it wrong to want a handicap .or are you one of those pro's that dont want to have to play your best to win the money you would rather we just throw our money on the ground and you can just kick us in the nuts and be done with it.he was making comments on how great the payday was, stating how much money he made, he is pretty arrogant about his ability so it was with great pleasure to see him go to usdgc and get humbled ,its just a shame that the lesson didnt stick.
I play with some of the other local "pro's" and they are fun to play with,and i normally enjoy playing with the subject i talked about.yesterday he showed that he considers us as just fodder!!!! like i said any rounds involving pro's will be handicap stroke matches from now on.i wasnt the only one upset at having it rub in our noses.im very competitive and yes skinny man i'd destroy you in a heads up match,I play in the advanced division and my home course is the longest course in ak with the shortest hole being 500 ft so im very aware of my skill level.when you play against players that can shot 5 to 6 strokes better than you on a consistant basis its only wise to ask for a handicap and fair .if a local pro doesnt offer a handicap he is trying to fleece you and you should question his character.
I don't think a hadicap is wrong. Heck, when I first started. Even the ams gave me a hadicap. I think it's a lot more fun and competative that way. When you are able to apply it. I think handicaps are used in many sports. Look at ball golf. There is a handicap system in place just for making it an even playing field. I know when I use to play ball golf. Man, one of the first things that were asked was "What's your handicap". It made for a WAY more competative rounds and a lot more fun as well.
i agree ,it's like drag racing ,you cant expect to race a yugo vs a camaro in a heads up race
No one has an obligation to offer a handicap and no one has to play in a match that they don't agree to beforehand. Tag matches are a good substitute for money matches, you are playing for bragging rights but save the $$$.
very true ,i knew what i was getting into and im not upset about losing the money it was only 10 bucks ,its the rubbing it in our noses that was in bad taste .and like i said we will keep the skins matches AM'S only from now on to keep the match fair.him walking away with 18 skins out of 27 was not what i intended for a fair ,friendly skins match.and as far as the handicap if you play leagues here you will get a handicap,if your a pro here and dont want to give a handicap during leagues then you can just play by yourself ,otherwise we can meet after the match for a drag race for pinks with your toyota prius vs my pickup in a headsup race ...still sound fair to you?
LOL, I'll take my Prius anyday against your PU truck.

I agree tho, ams only or a fair handicap.
I wanst saying a handicap is a bad idea, jsut saying if players dont want to give you one you shouldnt harp on em, and as far as bragging goes money or no money, you can bet I'd be bragging if i won any amount money, its why you play for money, to motivate yourself to give it you all, ive played for money vs pros and lost, and they have thanked me for the money(that IS braggin), and ive no problem with it(they beat me afterall regardless of skill difference, afterall i agreed to the monetary terms)
i guess im saying is your thread sounded like you were whining, i relize your not, i guess its more of an politeness issue, sorry if i come across wrong about it

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