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I organised a pick up game of skins yesterday .it was a friendly 50 cent a hole match ,well i made the mistake of inviting a local pro who proceeded to win 75% of the skins. I'm not upset at the number of skins he won.I'm upset at how he acted at winning the skins,I consider this person as a friend but rubbing it in our faces is in poor taste.renigging on a prize he said he had for the next person to win a skin (which i did ...my only one of the day)so from now on we will keep our skins games am's only.i dont want to give the local pro's any more money .one of the local am's played in a 100 dollar 3 round game a couple months ago and the damn fool didnt take a handicap and of course got beat bad and lost his money ,these guys asked me if id be interested in playing in one and i stated sure but with a handicap and they said never mind .if this is the mentality of pro golfers everywhere then that is doing the sport a great disservice.

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First lesson in disc golf pros.......Key word "most"

"Most disc golfers are in it for the money, when playing competitively" Unless your training with disc-o golf, then if you play straight up no handi, play for push-ups. My arms used to get a pretty good workout. Thanks Scott it did help.
my 2 cents

Handicap in skins? I don't really know how that would work? It doesn't matter what your score is at the end of the round. Maybe the only way is to allow an AM to play mulligan-man when playing skins against pros? Maybe the guy rubbed it in a little too much, but that is kinda part of skins in the first place.

Make it AM only, but then you will find yourself in the same pickle when an Advanced player on the cusp has a good day. Money has a way of making "friendly" endeavors turn into competitive endeavors. Maybe play for just a dime a hole or come up with some of your own bag tags that you and your buddies play for and forget everyone else. During this spring, I played golf with 5 people every week for 2 months and we had a set of nickles with the numbers 1-5 on them. The #1 Nickel would go to the best score, #2 go to second best score... That is some friendly competition.
I know there is no handicap in skins nor was any asked for .like i said i knew what i was getting into when i brought up the idea.it was the behavior after the round i had issue with.
the guy that lost the hundred was playing stroke match
Wasn't a pro thing. Just a jerk thing. "Pro" isn't like nationality or race where you can label everyone who fits the label with the same characteristics.

Oh, wait. You can't do that with nationality or race either.
Well said Bruce
i'd keep playing against him with no handicap. what better way to improve your game is there? and let him rub it in, you'll have your chance to rub in your victories against him later. i would gladly lose 5 or maybe 10 bucks a day for a while playing against pros because it would only help my game. a handicap shouldn't be necessary for casual 50 cent skins even if you're playing with nate doss. play to win dude. once you consider yourself "needing" a handicap, you've already said this guy is going to beat you straight up. show him you have a chance and play that chance.
I played nine with mark ellis one time.he won by a stroke and he was cool. But i owe him a trillion dollars :(
This attitude various from place to place and pro to pro.

1) Play with either more experienced, or older Pros. My experience is that the younger and less experienced Pros are the more me first guys. Of course this should surprise no one, in general, younger people or more self obsessed.

2) Players who are new to Pro-dom, would, IMO, be more likely to be primarily interested in getting money in their pockets. They are very focused on the notion they are going to make a living at this. Since making a living at DG is hard, they are going to look for every opportunity to put money in their pockets. Think about it, if you actually commit to making a living at a sport that has few resources, it's going to be meager, you tend to be a little mercenary under such conditions.

3) Play with Pro-Masters, they are still young enough to have a drive to win (+ good advice on technique since they still have most of the movement and flexibility of the younger Pros) yet they frequently have patience, great manners, good advice, and in general, keep a couple of beers on hand for after the round. Most importantly, they are realistic about their ability to make a living at this sport and so are less obsessed with taking your money. There are some notable exceptions, but I think that is the rarity.
Well said Lyle, I agree with you completely. Here in AK we don't really have that range of talent or type of people. There are pros up here based on excepting money in a C-tier event. If you compare them to the folks in major AM tournaments in the lower 48, they would be middle advanced players (based on their ratings), they're just the best up here. We've been trying to do a lot to grow the community so we can have a bigger base and more people involved.
unless you talking about old people and thier awful driving skills. :)
Guy sounds loke a serious douche bag. Regardless of which sport it is, that arrogant attitude is off-putting and a sign of serious underlying pschological problems. Normally I would feel terible seeing somebody get nailed by a laser shot by a max weight boss, but I would do a dumb ass endzone dance if I ever saw that happen to a dick like that.

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