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Although we don't have too much snow as of yet in southwest Michigan, it is still pretty cold around here. Other than wearing a glove on your throwing hand which you have to remove every shot, what other methods do you have for keeping your hand warm during winter golf?


I came up with a new idea this season which has been working well for me. I have an old Black Diamond climbing chalk bag that is fleece lined. I can throw a couple of hand warmers in there, clip it to my belt loop and not have to deal with the minor inconvienience of removing a glove every toss. Also, as a RHBH, I hold my beer in my left hand.

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There called Glittens = Glove + mitten.  My son has a pair he wears all the time.

"Bring your girlfriend/wife" are you nuts.  Just what I need make a cold round of disc golf even more enjoyable, is my wife there bitching about how cold she is.

No, see, you gotta trick em into loving the game. That way you have a common interest that is actually yours... :D
The Quarterback Muff works the best I live in MA. and I never have to wear a glove on the throwing hand when I have this on. WHen you go to throw or putt just spin it around to your back and it is never in the way and 2 hand warmers get it VERY hot inside there. Wouldn't be caught w/o it during the winter.
I think the very best way to keep your throwing hand warm is..............stay inside by the fireplace.

OK how does that stop them from bitching?  After 30 years of marriage I know better than suggest she accompany me to play disc golf in the cold.  I she decides that she wants to go that’s one thing.  However, if I were to ask her to go with me to play disc golf, and she gets cold; then I hear about it.

My wife says she loves disc golf! She hasn’t complained about the money I’ve spent on discs and bags, and she bought me an M-14 for my birthday.

She claims it's because playing disc golf gets me out of the house and her hair. 


Instead of using just a heat pack, I use a heat pack in a sock and during the round I gently squeeze over and over which keeps the blood flowing and hand warm as summer,  I think this helps my grip tons
moving to Florida worked for me.....             Happy new year all!

Good call on the chalk bag.  I'm an ex-climber (don't have the time anymore) and have a bag so I may try this!  For me I have chopper mittens.  They are a wool liner mitten inside an elk-hide mitten shell.  I have NEVER in my life gotten cold hands with them.  That includes running in Duluth MN in -35 F, -90 F with windchill.  (gore-tex is a must on days like that... and you'd never see me disc golfing in that weather). 


If you have MITTENS like that you don't even need the hand warmers and they slip on and off easily so it's not a bother in the least.  Gloves would be a pain to take on and off and they are not nearly as warm as mittens.  Whatever you do, don't let your hands get cold or your round is in the can.  And you can't really warm them back up during a round once they're cold. 

I got a pair of cheap cotton gloves from the gas station and cut the finger tips off my right hand. All the important parts of my grip are exposed and my hand stays warm.
under armour or compression gear, forces the blood to continue flowing to hands (and feet) so they dont get cold.

Nothing like a nice muff to slip your hand inside when it...err...nevermind....

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