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Although we don't have too much snow as of yet in southwest Michigan, it is still pretty cold around here. Other than wearing a glove on your throwing hand which you have to remove every shot, what other methods do you have for keeping your hand warm during winter golf?


I came up with a new idea this season which has been working well for me. I have an old Black Diamond climbing chalk bag that is fleece lined. I can throw a couple of hand warmers in there, clip it to my belt loop and not have to deal with the minor inconvienience of removing a glove every toss. Also, as a RHBH, I hold my beer in my left hand.

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I just have a pair of hand warmers in my hoodie pocket. worked a lot better for me then just a glove plus its a lot faster especially with snow where you have to dry your disc in between throws.  I like the climbing chalk bag I might have to give it a try.
I like the chalk bag idea.  Right now I wear a mitten with a hand warmer inside.  You still have to take it on and off, but it stays a lot warmer than any glove I've tried.

At Sports Authority, they sell a hand warmer "tube" like you see the NFL quarterbacks use.  This one is probably a little different from the quarterback version, though.  It is manufactured by the company that makes the hot hands (Grabber, I believe).  It has some internal velcro slots for slipping the hot packets into, making it impossible for you to lose them during the round.  It looks compact enough that I don't think it would get in the way during your throw.  It essentially is like a hoodie pocket once you clip it around your waist.  I passed it up when I saw it last week, but will be going back to pick one up soon.

Not legal in tourney play but you can get some grippy gloves that you could just leave on when you throw.  You can get the ones like the wide receivers in the NFL use.  I got a different type from walmart that are very grippy.  I haven't tried throwing with it on yet but I did test the grip with a disc and it seemed pretty awesome.
Thats a great idea.  I too am from SW MI. Maybe I will see you out sometime.
Not legal for tourney play?

My left hand glove is from the pair I wear skiing, on my right hand I wear a pink NFL recievers' glove that I bought from Dick's Sporting Goods.  On real cold days I keep a handwarmer in my right parka pocket.  Other than my right hand and boots I wear the same gear for disc golfing that I do skiing.


I actually like throwing with the recievers glove and it may be hard to give up come spring. 

802.04 Artificial Devices

A. During a round, a player shall not use any artificial device that may assist in making a
throw, except those devices that reduce or control abrasion to the skin (such as gloves, tape,
bandages, gauze, etc.) and medical items (such as knee and ankle braces, etc.). Items used to prevent slipping on the teeing surface are also allowed. A player is specifically prohibited from using any artificial device that changes the position of the disc in the player's hand or artificially lengthens any of the player's throwing levers (fingers, wrist, arm, shoulder, etc.).  The use of devices which assist in determining distances over 10 meters , such as range finders and GPS devices are prohibited. Measuring devices such as a tape measure may be carried and used to determine distances 10 meters and less for the purpose of rules enforcement.

B. A player shall receive two penalty throws, without a warning, if, during any portion of a
round, he or she is observed by two players or an official to be using or carrying an artificial
device that is determined by the director to violate section 802.04 A. A player who uses an
artificial device after it has been determined by the director to be in violation of 802.04 A
has also violated Section 3.3 of the Competition Manual and shall be penalized accordingly.


-=It sounds like gloves are allowed to me.

Well right now I am living in Hilo Hawaii, so not really anything I have to deal with. I did however grow up and live in Alaska most of my life. I was a carpenter and worked outside most of the time... I dont like to wear a coat and I dont like gloves, work and play hard and that way you do not get to cold! Plus the colder you are the better that cup of hot coco is when you get back home!

Although I hated them when I received them as a Christmas present several years ago and they sat unused until I became a disc golfer a couple of years ago, I play with a wollen glove/mitten combination.  The glove part only has half-fingers, so my fingertips actually grip the disc.  After I throw, the mitten part, which velcro's to the back of the glove, flips back over the tops of my bare fingers and warms my hands again.  I don't have to take it off or put it back on after every throw.


I recommend them, but I don't know what to call them.

I still think it sounds illegal.  It says gloves are allowed to reduce abrasion to the skin.  These grippy gloves actually give you better grip than your skin and, I would think, give an unfair advantage.  I'm not sure.  Where are Mark and Chuck?

All great info, if I ever move back to a cold state... :) I'm in the Bay area right now and really want to move back to Phoenix.

...but through all this good info not one person has said "bring your girlfriend/wife" ... I'm disappointed in you all! :)


Back when I was living in Utah, I would use the receiver gloves with warmers inside. But that never ended well as I always ended up in the stream retrieving my driver....

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