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Fist off, I want to thank those who helped me with their input on the Voodoo. So now I've cut my search for an overstable putter down to these two bad boys, well boy vs girl (since it's a JK Aviar). I always like to hear other peoples opinion on discs. Because sometimes it gives me a diff. perspective on the discs. So I'd like to hear what you all have to say about the Wizard and JK Aviar.
Thanks for your input.


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For true overstable putters, the Aviar in DX plastic with a big bead on the bottom of the rim is pretty overstable ("Big Bead Aviars"). The plastic is stiff though. Ken Klimo Aviar (KC Aviar) is stiff and really overstable too. The JK is softer but not real overstable so if you use it for upshots in the wind, it will turn over. The Innova Rhyno in DX stiff plastic is really overstable. Can you find an Innova Bulldog? Severely overstable Aviar kinda design putter. Way overstable.
I swear by my wizards and totally agree with iceman. If you are able to touch a wizard before you buy it, you will always be able to find just the right feel. Off the tee there is no better putter as well.
It's as simple as this Rescue. INNOVA = 1 maybe 2 choices of plastic, Hard and not as hard.........
Gateway = 3 but way more than that considering every batch ends up a little different. Plus you can buy a Hard to throw for a driver, a Softer one to putt long distances, and a soft floppy jalopy for inside 30 ft. that will forgive your screw ups and go in anyways!!!
wizards are nice, but I also recently settled on the JK earlier this year

I've used all kinds of different putters, including a several year stint with apx swirls

Wizards are quite nice off the tee, but I don't like them for anything else.

Regardless, it's not like discs are absurdly expensive, so just get one (or better yet a couple) of each and try them out. Don't just 'do the math' on a decision like this imo.

btw I greatly prefer KC's off the tee to the JK.....trees can be quite unkind to the softer plastic as well.
Didn't mean to come off so negative in the last post but I've been playing this sport for 15+ years now and have used just about everything Innova at one point or another. I honestly just don't like anything they make. It's like they never experimented with plastics until Gateway did, and now they come out with this R-Pro junk that might as well be a piece of rubber bologna. You can't do anything with the junk outside 20ft because it is way to floppy to even throw. So instead of testing the crap they just throw it on the market and start putting out there entire line of discs in the crap. At least at Gateway Dave will make discs send them all over the place to different people and ask opinions before he releases a bunch of crap. Plus when you live in a city where Innova is the only thing you can get it's just a little ridiculous. It's like they have flooded the market and 2/3 of the people won't even give any other brand a chance because they might feel out of place for throwing something other than what everyone else is throwing. Since switching to Gateway my game has improved tenfold. I swear Dave knows how to make discs that fit courses. Unlike Innova that they just keep updating the same driver every time with a wider rim or a groove? To put it simply I really dislike Innova products and Love Gateway.
Thanks guys. I'll most likely buy two of each and have a throw off. I do need one of them, because my APX swirl's just can't hang in the wind. As for Gateway. I'll always root for the underdog. On top of that. I like that they will let their sponsored players throw anything they want. Heck I don't care who makes the disc as long as it will help my game. After all it's the discs fault when I miss a putt. Not mine. lol
I used a JK Aviar for a while before switching to a Wizard. I really liked the feel of the JK but it became deformed and changed flight characteristics very quickly. My SS Wizard has also become somewhat deformed after six months, but it seems to have held onto its overstable flight way longer. There's nothing wrong with a JK as a putter, but for upshots, I highly prefer the Wizard.
Overstable putter? First thing that comes to mind is a CHALLENGER. I am a very aggressive putter and rely on the disc coming back or staying on a hyzer. I always throw my Discraft Challenger within 280 feet. Depending on the shot I might throw a 300 footer. They are good in all the plastics they make, 4 different blends last time I checked. FLX, ESP, Pro-D, and Cryztal. Discraft also makes a Soft Challenger in eliteX type soft plastic which is a disc I used for a long time. Just saying, I didn't see any mention of Discraft in here. I'm not partial to a brand name. When they fly well they can go in my bag. It's all in the eye of the discholder.
I'm not partial to any brand name as well. This is just a follow up post. The Zone was in my first post as well as a few other discs, but these were the two that were left standing. I've tried the Challenger in the past. It's just not for me, but my APX swirl is not stable enough when it gets windy. So I've been on the hunt for something that's overstable.
the wizard......harnesses available from one to ten within the medium, soft, super soft, super stupid soft lines....also available in scuff resistant evo plastic for a putter driver (although it has yet tor replace the ESP banger gt for this purpose)......have found medium wizards are the ideal firmness for me.....I suggest (if you can) go and put one in your hands, felt great from the get go in my hand.....big enough bead on the rim to be a good wind putter......check out this article from the gateway web site re:putter plastics......the microbrewery comparison makes sense
they are both great putters and I was going though the same thing I bought both putters about 6 months ago. but I wenrt back to my favorite the magnet. I still like the wizard and jk but I love the magnet and it is great in the wind I just bought a new one!!!!
harnesses = hardnesses....not enough coffee in my system yet..

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