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Story out of Las Vegas http://www.ktnv.com/Global/story.asp?S=11395810

You have to wonder if someone threw an accidental stray disc, or just blasted away with no regard?
(Anyone here want to fess up?)

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I saw a photo of that injury from Scott Martin in the finals of Worlds. It looked like you lost a knife fight but kept on smiling. :)

That had to hurt the next morning.
we need signage here also ,westchester has had it share of hit pedistrians and cyclist .but signage only works if people read and heed!.we have a course that we share with a ball golfers and we see people picnicing on the fairways and stevie wonder could tell its a golf course. i'm of the mind that if you have signs and golfers that call out warnings, then there is nothing else that can be done.noone i know goes out with the intention of harming anyone but there are the partiers that go out to play and they dont care.im sure every serious discgolfer has told those throwing on them the dangers of that habit,at westchester that is a serious and common danger in the peak summer season (and the reason serious golfers dont play it in the summer).I have seen young men throw on a friends 9 yr old daughter as she stood by the basket,im sure their injurys would have surpassed hers had they hit her.....we need to instill manners and etiquette in the rec golfers and that will be a help.
Ouch thats what we call in tennessee a SHINER. That looks bad. its the worst discgolf injury i've ever seen. You can't really blame anything or anyperson because we play our sport in public parks. Its like a walnut falling out of a tree who is to blame. I'm not saying anything bad but if our sport was a pay to play sport than stuff like this would'nt happen. For example I saw a woman get blasted in the leg walking her dog in the middle of the fairway at my home course. If it were a pay to play course she never would have been walking her dog there. Damn I really cant believe how bad that girls eye looks.
This is the primary reason why we need to ween ourselves away from public parks to private courses. I remember back a few years I was attending a tournament in Clearwater Fl. During one of the rounds a woman was walking on the property and we asked her to be careful and watch for our discs. She swelled up , turned red and started railing about how she could go anywhere in the "public"park and we had no right and she went on and on and on at the top of her lungs. Quite a scene. Granted , she was a loon but she has a point legally speaking. These are public parks , bought with public money. Unless there is a public ordinance stipulating that the property is dedicated to a specfic use people are allowed to walk and use the property anyway they want. Usually people move when you ask them nicely but they are not required to comply.
Ouch that looks like it hurts. The problem is no matter how many signs you put up people can get hit. I remember at the last Players Cup a spotter took one to the eye. Another time a friend of mine was in front of the man out. He hid behind a tree to get out of the way only to have the disc hit the tree in front of him, bounce back and cut him needing 11 stitches. Even if there were signs posted most people scratch their head saying "what's disc golf". As in any sport there are times when people will get hurt. One can only hope that all the necessary precautions were taken by the golfer throwing the disc.
We as disc golfers have to insure the safety of others while playing. That includes making sure the fairways are clear before teeing off or yelling "fore" if the shot is heading toward people. It's unfortunate that this took on a negative impact by having it on the news and in the papers. The positive is the media made many aware of the sport and to be aware of flying disc.
You know what I would have felt like telling him.....GET IT...and bring your A game.

It would have been the wrong thing to do....you handled it, obviously, the right way Terry.
signs seem like the only way to prevent a lawsuit. There are a lot of sue happy people out there, and you would think a city.township would want to prevent that from happening.
Bit calloused don't you think? She didn't know it was a golf course.
Not a good idea to start a gun-fight with a professional. :-)
Signs or no signs...the liability should fall back on the person who threw the disc.
Most shooting disciplines are prize/trophy oriented...no cash prizes....for obvious reasons...lol!!! The true shooting pros are paid exhibition shooters or sponsored.
Thanks, gents.

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