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Story out of Las Vegas http://www.ktnv.com/Global/story.asp?S=11395810

You have to wonder if someone threw an accidental stray disc, or just blasted away with no regard?
(Anyone here want to fess up?)

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Unfortunately it will happen again...as more people play the game...more courses will get crammed into busy parks that shouldn't have courses.....more people who have no business designing courses will over look some pretty basic safety issues....bang!!! ...someone gets hurt
i dont feel sorry for the person who got hit , hell im sure at one point or another we all took a shot by accident . of course hers looks a little more painful then the shot i took but never the less accidents happen
Bit calloused don't you think? She didn't know it was a golf course.
So thats where my disc landed ,I ripped my tee shot off # 3 pro pad at kincaid with a serious tailwind ,last i saw it was drawing right over cook inlet,heading for the gulf of alaska......think i could get disc back......please
that happens all the time out here. People picnic on the fairways all the time and sometimes won't even move when you go over and ask them too. Nobody knows what fore means either. People are very inconsiderate a lot of times.
That looks to me like the disc was traveling pretty fast when it hit her. I'd bet that it never should have been thrown in the first place and that most of us wouldn't have under the same circumstances.

I sure hope the disc golfers involved were nice to her. A forehand or overhand throw can leave a golfer's hand at 70+ mph which, with those sharp edges, can really do some damage.

Courses that mix with pedestrians and other activities in areas not very carefully laid out (golf course, paths, and everything else, in an integrated planning fashion, are getting problematic. Like in this case, people often have no clue they are on a golf course, despite signage. I recall a guy at Hudson Mills once who had set up a picnic blanket on the approach for Hole 18 (Monster). When I (very nicely) warned him that he was on the course and at risk from flying discs, he threatened to go to his car and get his gun and shoot me. Needless to say he was escorted out of the park by rangers about 10 minutes later.

But golfers have to realize that no matter how obvious it is to us that a particular part of a course or fairway is part of a course or fairway, others may not have a clue.
Holy ****, what a dumb***!! I'm glad you are OK Terry
This is the primary reason why we need to ween ourselves away from public parks to private courses. I remember back a few years I was attending a tournament in Clearwater Fl. During one of the rounds a woman was walking on the property and we asked her to be careful and watch for our discs. She swelled up , turned red and started railing about how she could go anywhere in the "public"park and we had no right and she went on and on and on at the top of her lungs. Quite a scene. Granted , she was a loon but she has a point legally speaking. These are public parks , bought with public money. Unless there is a public ordinance stipulating that the property is dedicated to a specfic use people are allowed to walk and use the property anyway they want. Usually people move when you ask them nicely but they are not required to comply.
You know what I would have felt like telling him.....GET IT...and bring your A game.

It would have been the wrong thing to do....you handled it, obviously, the right way Terry.
Not a good idea to start a gun-fight with a professional. :-)
Most shooting disciplines are prize/trophy oriented...no cash prizes....for obvious reasons...lol!!! The true shooting pros are paid exhibition shooters or sponsored.


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