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My wife started playing at the beginning of this year and has improved her mechanics tremendously since then. She basically throws a buzzz for the majority of her drives and upshots. I would like to start finding her some good distance drivers for her bag. Can any women or men who play with women give me some advice on which discs to buy for her and what weight? I would say she can throw her buzzz a good 200 ft. sometimes more.

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my girlfriend was having trouble getting distance but did well with a couple of my beat up R-pro bosses that wont do anything but roll for me. one was 164 and beat to hell and the other was 151 fairly new i would suggest that. also what might work for her would be; valkryie (INN),TL (INN), avenger SS (DC), flash (DC) i would stay with a 165g to 170g range.
How heavy is the Buzzz that she is throwing currently? Usually you don't want to start throwing discs over 165g if you're not throwing at least 250-300' depending on the disc. Usually you can get away away with heavier mids than drivers because of the stability differences. Drivers are a lot more speed sensitive and are overall harder to control relative to mids. I wouldn't go any higher than the low 160s tops for weight.

I like what Robey has picked for drivers. I would also consider a Teebird or TL as these molds will get most every place you need to go on DGC. They're easy to control and are really stable. For max distance drivers the Surge SS (Discraft) or from Innova an SL (Starfire Long), Beast, Sidewinder, Eagle, and Leopard. I would think any or all of these discs would be good to start out with.
She is throwing a slightly beat in 175g buzzz.
My 15 year old niece started with a midrange too. She can get it out there around 200 also. She has started using a 150 Leopard and can throw that farther than the roc. The flight on the Leopard is a smooth anny to a nice small fade at the end(perfect for her drives). I wouldn't go too much over a 6 or 7 speed disc. Like Sean said, faster drivers are speed sensitive and she may not be ready for that yet (maybe as a big hyzer disc).
My daughter who is 13, but 5' 6". She throws a 150 Valk and 160 Teebird. Heck, male or female. You can't go wrong with a Valkyrie and Teebird!
I play with several woman and Valk's and sidewinders seem very popular. If she can throw a mid 200 feet then I would say she has some pretty good form already. Maybe work up to fairway drivers, Leopards and such before going for the valk's.
150 star teebird
I just started this year as well and my favorites so far are a 150 class Star Teebird, 150 Discraft XL, and recently a 174 Discraft Glide. I was hesitant to buy the Glide because of the weight but it's currently my favorite driver. It depends on how she throws too. I predominantly drive backhand, so I like the Glide and the XL because they fly pretty straight with a slight hyzer at the end. The Teebird is great because I have small hands and the rim is very narrow and thin. I feel like I can really whip that one around. It has more of a hyzer curve than the others though.

P.S. If she loves the Buzzz, I almost guarantee she will love the Glide. It is shaped very similar and feels very much like the Buzzz, but it's a long distance driver. I almost fell in love after one throw!
I will definitely check out a Glide for her. The Buzzz she throws was mine but she threw it once and I haven't gotten it back since!
I totally understand. The first time I went discing I was having trouble until my boyfriend let me throw his Buzzz. Now I have a blue 165 Buzzz ESP that I use for many of my upshots. I bought the Glide because someone told me it's easy to throw anhyzers with (which I'm still working on), but I was really shocked by some of my drives the first day I used it. I definitely want to add a lighter one to my bag as well.
Okay, now I'm confused. I have a pink Discraft Glide that says "Long Range Driver", but when I searched online the Glide is coming up as a midrange driver. Perhaps mine is an old model?? I have no idea, but I love my disc regardless.
It prob was once considered a long range driver (like old gazelles say ultra long range distance driver, or some crap like that) but now with much faster discs out there its been bumped down to mid range......I'd recomend 150 surges and avenger ss's they go for days with little effort


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