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Do you have them at your local course? We generally have at least one per year at our local course (Cottonwood). We are having one this Saturday. I am really excited to get our course looking great for Spring. I actually really enjoy the work days because it is a great opportunity for fellow disc golfers to get together and do something positive. It also lets the locals know that there is work involved in maintaining a course. Some think that the City does the work (it does not). And you never know who will show up to help out. I have met some pretty cool people.


So I am generally stoked for our work day this Saturday. We hope to get a lot done. I really can't wait.

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I picked up trash and raked out the ruts in the gravel teepads yesterday at the course behind my house. It feels good to give your course a little TLC

We hold work days at our courses all the time. Truly an enjoyable experience.

One of the main issues at out course is that the trees are mainly elms and they grow very rapidly and also in a not very well defined manner. This leaves quite a bit of "brush" at or near ground level. Cleaning that up makes the course look a lot nicer and well manicured. Also it tends to reduce people breaking down those branches because there are less of them in the way. We have quite a few branch piles on the course at the moment. Last year a lot of branches came down in a wind storm. Also the elms are the kind of tree where branches will break off of some of the older trees (we had one very large branch come down right in front of a basket). The Forestry department will be helping us out by mulching up all of our branch piles.


I am hoping that we can get about a dozen people. With that many people the work goes along quite well and we can get a lot done. 

We used to have them spontaneously. Now that they are organized less people show up.

I was really stoked about this work day until today when one of the locals showed up to the course and started complaining about a pin position. It has been in for two years now and has never been much of an issue but he claims that he is going to come out and pull it out of the ground. He is one of those people who doesn't show up for work days and I doubt that he will show on Saturday. Then I get a call from the club president saying that someone has complained (even though I know who it is already) and that I should consider moving the basket after league tomorrow. Sorry, but it isn't going anywhere.


Our local scene has gone bananas lately especially with the rumors of new courses. I am finding all of this to be quite negative as people are now just complaining about the course that we play all of the time and now seem to care even less with these rumors of new courses. Maybe it is time to start up an entirely new club with people who actually give a  $hit. Oh well. It is hard to want to make the place look good when you can't even get people to help clean up one broken bottle (they act like it is too hard). Sorry about the negativity but it is hard to try to push forward and take some pride in something when even the so called regular disc golfers could care less.


There is a meeting in a couple of weeks and I wasn't planning on being there but now I think that I will attend. It is supposedly with a guy pushing for the new courses. He and others may not want to hear what I have to say because I'm not wearing the rose colored glasses. I am wearing the reality colored glasses and after 15 years of showing up at each and every work day I believe that I can let others now just what it takes to maintain a course. I am for getting new courses but it should be done right and everyone needs to know what is involved once a course is in. They don't take care of themselves.


End of vent! 

Here is the thing about Cottonwood. We have people from out of town show up and say that they really like the course and enjoyed playing it. Then you have the people who love to badmouth it. I was looking at a recent thread that I made about the possibility of new courses and someone wrote about waterways and groves of trees, neither of which we really have at the course. Cottonwood is an interesting piece of land because it is effectively a large wash (you can see that when it rains) and there really isn't grass that grows there, it is mainly just sand and dirt with trees. The trees are mainly elms which tend to grow rapidly and get out of control if not pruned up. So that is one of the main things that we are doing this Saturday and we have involved the Forestry department with mulching up our branch piles. We have made the best of what we have there and I guarantee that if you play there (especially in the wind) you will be challenged. Last week when it was set up fairly difficult the winning doubles score was 8 down.


So I do take offense when someone says that the place is not maintained. They have obviously not been out when we have to replant a basket or take down a broken branch that is blocking a hole. They are uninformed. Also, if you travel down to Widefield you will find plenty of maintenance issue including graffiti and crooked baskets and missing pin positions. Nobody says anything about that however. In fact there was a basket that was super low for almost two years and nobody did anything about it. I saw it and in the course of looking at it realized that someone had probably attempted to steal the basket because the pole was not even attached to the locking mechanism and that was why the basket was low. Someone could have taken the basket quite easily. And they even had a tournament there and nobody cared. I fixed it with the help of a friend. Oh well. 

Sorry about going off but it does seem that there are two types of people. The first type sees something wrong, does nothing about it and complains. I am sick of that lot. The second type sees something wrong, devises a plan to fix it and then does so. Those people make a difference. I am casting my lot with the second group.


Now, I need a beer! 

Yes I'm always up for a work day if I can get there! clean up the DGC and maybe have a chance to put an idea or two out there about changes.

Wow, what a difference that a day makes. I went up to the course and got two rounds in, one in league. No controversy today just a lot of people at the course. I am hoping for a good turnout on Saturday and there are people saying that they will show up. Seems pretty positive right now.


Sorry for the freak out yesterday. I just really want things to go well and hope that we get a lot done. Forestry called me back ad they will be out first thing on Monday morning so that is awesome. All we have to do is make the piles so that they can mulch it all up. Then we can use that mulch on the course. Recycling. I think that people will be happy when the see the results next week. Maybe I can post some pictures up of some of the work.

wheres this Cottonwood? Sounds like you guys need that new course. So you get back to the roots of the game and quit spazzing out.

oh Colorado. Keep up the good work.

A big shout out to everybody who showed up for the work day. It turned out pretty good after all. We had at least a dozen people show up if not more. One guy even showed up at something like 6:30 in the morning and had five Gatorade bottles full of cigarette butts sitting on a bench that he had collected. He joined myself and one other guy on the trimming crew. We created some big piles of branches that will get mulched up tomorrow. There were a lot of dead trees and branches in there and we really thinned things out and made it look 100% better. Another crew was involved in breaking up the old tee boxes that we no longer use (erosion issues). Finally on the other side of the course we got a new bridge in where there tends to be a lot of mud. Also an old pin position got put in that wasn't being used because of a broken tab on the anchor. We played that pin position today for the first time since last year. And the guy who complained about one of the pin positions a couple of days earlier even showed up and kicked some as$ on the bridge. So we really had a lot of people step up.


Probably a few too many beers (and hard cider) were had but that did make the work go a bit easier. I am totally sore today and my hands look like they have been through a shredder. But it couldn't have turned out better. Now on to those new courses that we are talking about. Cottonwood was really packed again today. Unfortunately, by doing all of this work at the course and keeping it looking good we are attracting a lot of people. It tends to be a victim of its own success.


It was also nice to get a few thank yous from the golfers going through the course while we were working. 

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